Effective Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block

Effective Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something every writer experiences. There is always that period of time when it seems like the words can no longer come. It is perfectly normal and should not worry you. However, you might be on a deadline and having writer’s block at such a moment is the worst thing that can ever happen. Well if you need to defeat your writer’s block as soon as possible, then there are certain tricks that can help you. Read on to find these tricks from writing elites.

Useful Tips And Trick In Defeating Writer’s Block

Using the following techniques highlighted below, the specific period in which you will cure your writer’s block will vary from person to person and also depending on the intensity of the block. However, these tricks would always help in solving your problem.

1. Take a walk

Whenever you experience writer’s block, taking a walk could do a lot. For some, it might be the only thing they need to get back on track. Go for a long walk in the cool evening and take your dog with you. Feel, smell and inhale the breeze. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and have some fun time. You can decide to go with a friend or to do it solo. What is important is that you enjoy the moment.

2. Make A Phone Call

This is one very good way to refresh the brain and also deal with writer’s block. Do you have that old friend you miss badly? Put a call through and have a good laugh together. This will help push you toward your goal; overcoming writer’s block.

3. Go On A Trip

You could decide to visit families, friends or a country you’ve always wanted to go to. Just go somewhere you know would be fun. If you are traveling within your state, then do not take your car. Take a public bus and ensure you have a pen and notepad with you. While on the bus before you get to your destination, start writing and wait for the words to come.

4. Just Write

Most times, you could get over writer’s block just by writing. The trick is to write whatever comes to mind and not what you were meant to write. When you have written what you want and notice that the block is gone, you can head back to what you were supposed to write and begin writing.

5. Tell Yourself Or An Imaginary Friend A Story

Talking to yourself or a friend who isn’t there can also help in your quest to overcome writer’s block. While doing your normal day to day activity, try telling a story aloud. It mustn’t be a work of fiction. It could be what happened to you or someone you know, and it could even be about your writer’s block.

6. Daydream

Daydreaming is a fantastic way to overcome writer’s block for most people. Think about anything. What you love, what doesn’t exist, what will never exist. Just dream and enjoy your dream. Think about biking around the continent. Imagine yourself as a sea captain, or as a warrior on the battlefield. Explore a world of imagination, and finally, think about what you were supposed to write. This could help clear the junk in your brain and allow the words to start flowing.

7. Change Your Environment

If you normally write in your room at night, it is a good idea to change this environment and time. You can decide to try writing in the sitting room during the early hours of the morning instead. And you could also pack your things and try writing in a quiet place far from home. Changing your environment could help you get started.

8. Find The Nearest Bookstore

Most times, you might just need to surround yourself with books. It is a good idea to visit a bookstore and get books about what you are writing about. Find a good seat, settle down and start digging into these books. By the way, ensure you are jotting down points that could help you.

9. Listen To Music

Last but not least, listening to your favorite music is one proven way of overcoming writer’s block. One perfect way to do this is to plug in your headphones and roll the volume to its maximum level. You could also tune the equalizer to get an exciting bass effect. While this works well in a number of people, others might just prefer watching their favorite movies. Music or movies, both are a great way to overcome writer’s block and it is a great decision to try it.

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