Enjoy your flowers for as long as possible with these three important flower care tips

Enjoy your flowers for as long as possible with these three important flower care tips

Here are our most important care tips for your flowers. First, it is important that you put your flowers in the water as soon as possible. Your flowers are transported in a special flower box. This flower box protects your flowers and has a special container with water. The container contains enough water for one to three days. If you follow these flower care tips, you can enjoy your flowers longer. For your flower moment!


A flower for everyone

The first big advantage of a letterbox gift is that the flowers are delivered fresh. In this way, the recipient receives flowers of the highest quality with a wonderful scent and beautiful appearance. The letterbox flowers are of course to place in the living room, but they must be in good condition. You can assume that via the florist. Via the florist you can also assume that the delivery will go flawlessly and also on time. For example, if you have a company party and you want to hand over the flowers by evening, you can indicate this and trust the florist. At the florist it is all about agreements, so you can assume that these will always be met. When problems arise, we will always contact you to discuss what the course of events will be. You even have the option to have it delivered the same day if you might have forgotten a special day. In this way, the florist can still save you from the fire. No one wants to feel their partner’s wrath when they forget their anniversary.

Order flowers with a gift? That is also possible. Think of adding delicious chocolate or a nice bottle of wine. But it is also possible to add a vase to make it complete. Have you found your desired bouquet? Then you can also choose how big the bouquet should be.

The first flower care tip: cut the flowers diagonally

Cutting the flowers diagonally is very important for your flowers. Cut a small piece off the bottom of the stems. This doesn’t have to be much. +/- 2 cm. is enough. If you cut the flowers diagonally, the stem will receive sufficient water supply to the flower. Use sharp tools, preferably sharp scissors (tip: We have super handy scissors in our range). Also make sure you have scissors or knife is clean. Then the bacteria have a minimal chance of infecting the flower so that they do not droop.

The second flower care tip: remove the leaves that can get under water

Clean water is vital for your flowers. Leaves in the water can cause it to become cloudy. That is why we advise to remove all leaves from flowers and greenery that could get under water. The thorns of roses can remain on the stem.

And the third flower care tip: add the cut flower food

Each flower box comes with a bag with the cut flower food. This is just enough for your bouquet. Use this cut flower food according to the instructions. This is the way to make your flowers really stand a lot longer. The flowers stay beautiful longer with this cut flower food. By using the cut flower food, the flower will also bloom better. Use plenty of water (see the instructions on the cut flower food packaging). Change the water once in one or 2 days.

Deliver flowers as a maternity gift

I myself chose to deliver flowers with a nice maternity gift. A colleague of mine that I work with has had a son. Of course she also already receives something from the company. But because I still wanted to arrange something extra. I have ordered a beautiful bouquet with a sweet gesture for the little one on this website. I quickly made the right choice. Fortunately, I was still with my order before 12:00 pm. This means that the same day my order will be offered to the person concerned.

Because I am very satisfied with this website. Can I already say that I will definitely order again in the future. Because I like to share good tips. Of course, this tip should not be left behind. So just take a look at the website yourself. After all, a beautiful bouquet makes everyone happy, right? Then why not go for the perfect choice? If you have no idea what you want to send someone? Then you will automatically come up with a good idea on this website. In short, this is an address to share and to remember!


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