Enter UTP to UTH to Visit Udon Thani

Enter UTP to UTH to Visit Udon Thani

Type in UTP to UTH to Visit Udon Thani from Rayong

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many airlines currently serving the UTP to UTH corridor to cease operations or curtail flights, once the problem has ended, this route will once again provide a boon to the residents of both areas. It offers the quick and efficient means for visitors and residents of the Rayong and Chonburi provinces to access the picturesque Isaan city of Udon Thani not far from the shores of the pink lotus-carpeted Nong Han Lake.

Udon Thani residents can also enjoy a fun-filled holiday on the white-sand beaches all along the eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand.

U-Tapao Airport – The Rising Star of Thailand’s Tourism Industry

U-Tapao International Airport welcomed its first commercial flight in November of 2018. Since then it’s become popular with both residents and international travellers for its proximity to the beaches and tourist destinations along the eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand.

The cities and towns of Chonburi, Pattaya, Jomtien, Bang Saray, and Rayong have all profited immensely from the Thai government’s decision to open this once military airfield to both domestic and international commercial flights.

For years, the only ways to access the beaches and tourist destinations of the eastern seaboard were to take a bus from either Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok or to take a slow and lengthy train ride.

With the opening of U-Tapao airport to commercial flights, this area of Thailand is enjoying welcoming more travellers and sun-seekers to its shores than ever before.

Linking Other Cities in Thailand

The airport also enables the citizens of Rayong and Chonburi provinces to access other cities in Thailand quickly, easily and cheaply, due to the many budget airlines that serve U-Tapao airport. Udon Thani is one of the cities that offers direct flights between the U-Tapao International Airport and its own international airport.

Citizens and visitors who once had to take a long, round-about journey to Bangkok to access the eastern seaboard, now can fly direct simply by typing the codes for both airports, UTP to UTH, into their internet browser.

They will be rewarded with a wealth of options in several airlines that offer direct flights between the two cities. This will undoubtedly benefit both cities as the increased accessibility will make it more attractive to visitors wanting to explore everything Thailand has to offer.

Now visitors who have seen the beaches and attractions of the eastern seaboard can just type UTP to UTH into their browser and be on a flight to the northern reaches of the country in as little as a few hours. The flight between each city only takes a little over an hour as well.

Business people having to travel in Thailand between the northern provinces and the Rayong area also find that their life is now easier. The opening of the U-Tapao airport to commercial flights made a significant positive difference to both tourist-oriented businesses and the residents of Thailand.


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