ESL One: Road to Rio Openers - The Summary

ESL One: Road to Rio Openers – The Summary

ESL One: Road to Rio kicked off with the European division.

Group A had ENCE vs. Fnatic, while Astralis played versus Complexity. The final game of the day was Vitality vs. NiP.

ENCE, the Finnish team pulled off a huge upset by beating Fnatic, while in the other match, Astralis didn’t let an upset happen and beat Complexity. NiP was expected to win against Vitality, and they delivered.

The ENCE vs. Fnatic match started on Dust 2. It was a thirty round match that, of course, ended in a 16:14 win for ENCE. What’s important to mention is that they were losing 13-14 at one point and managed to bag three rounds in a row for the win.

Mirage was the second map that was played, and it finished 16-13 for ENCE. Fnatic flirted with a comeback after a 10-5 lead at half time for ENCE, but in the end, they couldn’t do it.

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Vertigo was the first map that was played on the Complexity-Astralis match, and Astralis dominated that match. The map ended with the 4-16 result with three players from Astralis having over 20 kills each.

Complexity chose Nuke, probably their best map, and they didn’t disappoint. Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke had 34 kills and secured a victory for Complexity as the final result was 16-13. There was a lot of back and forth in this game, which eventually hurt the economy of Astralis a lot more, and they lost it.

The final map was Train. Astralis won the half-time 11-4 as the CT side even though Complexity planted the bomb a whopping ten times. Complexity was mounting a comeback as they had won 6 rounds in a row in the second half before Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen got a triple kill and made the result 12-10. The Danes took control of the situation at that point and finished the game in their favor 16-11.

The NiP vs. Vitality was played on three maps as well. This match was weird as both teams lost the maps they picked.

NiP picked Overpass, which they lost 14-16. Vitality then picked Nuke, which they lost 12-16.

The final map was Inferno, and NiP dominated the map and won with a 16-4 final result.


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