What to Expect When Getting a Puppy

What to Expect When Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy for the first time can be an adventure and a challenge when doing it for the first time. There is an excitement that will soon fade away if you’re not adequately prepared. For puppies, it will be like raising a kid and it will take some work on your end. Depending on the type of breed, you could be looking at up to 20 years of being a pet owner. This is a long time in the grand scheme of things. There are some things you should expect and getting a puppy is not all rosy.

Before You Get a Puppy

Getting a dog should never be an impulse decision. You could end up regretting the decision simply because you were not prepared. There is a need to do proper research on the breed that you’re going for. Owning a dog can be messy and expensive and you must be sure you want one before going to the shelter or getting in touch with a breeder. The fact that you’ve decided to keep a dog means that you’re going to be a parent.

Do Research

There is a need for proper research if you’re to get the right puppy. If you choose to work with a breeder, you will have more control on the breed and temperament that you’d like in a dog. There are different kinds of breeders. You don’t want to be working with someone that is carrying out the whole operation in their backyard. Such a person will be motivated by nothing but money and the puppies are not likely to be in good health.

Even though having a little puppy will be cute and fun, such dogs always have excess energy which can be challenging when it comes to restoring order in the house. That is why researching the breed of the dog also matters a lot. There are breeds that are known to be overly aggressive and might not be great with kids. To make it easy to get the right dog, you will need to have a list of desirable traits. It will be a lot easier for the breeder to recommend the right puppy after establishing what you want. After getting the right breed, you will also need to research what is expected once the new puppy becomes a new member of the household.

Consider Adopting

If you’re not really specific with the breed, fostering and adopting can be a good alternative. There is always a dog that is in need of a new home. When you adopt, you won’t have to pay as much as what you would from a breeder. The dogs are also in good health generally and you will not have to worry about vaccination for a while.

Prepping for the New Member

The house will need to be prepared for the puppy. You will need to stock up food and toys so that the puppy feels right at home. Your family members will also need to be prepared for the new addition. The house will need to be puppy-proofed. Puppies are known to be playful and can easily hurt themselves when they’re not supervised. There should be no poisonous houseplants and the cleaning supplies will need to be safely locked up. You should make plans for when you’re not at home so that the puppy is not suffering from anxiety issues which could result in behavioral problems.


The puppy needs to be fed properly. For a young puppy, feeding should be done at least thrice a day. You don’t need to overfeed your dog for them to know they’re loved. Dogs also need a well-balanced diet to promote health and fitness. The first year is going to be crucial for your puppy in terms of feeding. It is when the teeth and muscles will be growing rapidly and you want to make sure that everything is being done right from the onset.

Train Your Puppy

You should start training your puppy as early as possible. There are a ton of resources on the internet that you can use. If you don’t have the patience, you can always reach out to an experienced trainer to help with the process. You don’t want the puppy to be barking endlessly whenever you’re in the house. Your puppy can occasionally be rewarded with treats to promote good behavior. For the first few months, you will have to be loving and patient and kind to the puppy. They will need time to adjust from being away for their mother. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for working breed dogs for sale or a home dog, they’re all puppies and care and patience will be needed.


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