Five Tools for Your Home Office

Five Tools for Your Home Office

Since the first pandemic lockdowns began, millions of people have been working from home. Companies of all kinds have realized that their employees can be just as productive, sometimes even more so, working from the comfort of their homes. Productivity hasn’t gone down in any significant way, causing some introspection about how we can be happier and more efficient.

Without commuting, the time it takes to get ready, all the small talk, and time getting up to get a coffee or eat lunch, the minutes are shaved off and there is a lot more time for getting things done. Still, it has taken many people a long time to get used to working from home. If you are going to continue working remotely, you should do everything in your power to make your home office as productive and comfortable as possible. Below are five tools you should use in your home office.

Document Scanner App

You may or may not have a printer that has a scanner on it, but these days you don’t need that heavy piece of equipment to scan documents and keep them with you wherever you go. One great home office tool is a document scanner app. This technology allows you to go paperless while keeping all the necessary documents on your phone and computer. Then you will be able to safely file the documents in a storage container out of view. You want to clutter your office with files of documents. Instead, you will have everything you need in a digital format, ready to be referenced and shared when you need them.

Standing Desk

If you are spending your whole work week in your home office, you should make it a dynamic environment. One way to make work easier on your body is to buy a standing desk. A standing desk provides you with the means to stand up and work while you do it. Spending hours every day sitting down is not good for your body, especially your back. Circulation is necessary. Not only will your health be improved by being conscious of how much time you are spending sitting. You will have more energy and less pain over the years. Think about it. When you’re spending so much time working from home, you should treat your body well. You will definitely feel benefitted with ergonomic desk setup at your home.

Ergonomic Chair

In addition to a standing desk, you should invest in an ergonomic chair. These chairs provide support for your back and promote good posture. You won’t be struggling to sit up straight. While a standing desk is great when you can work that way, sometimes it’s necessary to sit down while you work. An ergonomic chair is completely necessary when you work from your desk 40 hours a week. Support your back. Be comfortable. You will be more attentive and focused while you work. While ergonomic chairs aren’t cheap, they are a worthy investment. You won’t regret it when you don’t have back problems in 15 years.

Versatile Lighting

One of the most important things for your home office is adequate and versatile lighting. You will be spending a lot of time in your office—it’s completely necessary to stay alert without hurting your eyes. Having soft light that is bright enough for you to focus on what you are doing is important. Purchase a few different lamps and overhead lights to make lighting versatile for any time of day. Whether it’s bright out or nighttime, adequate lighting will help you stay on task and get things done. Don’t strain your eyes looking at the blue light of your computer without enough light. Invest in lighting and your home office environment will improve.


Another great idea for your home office is to buy a coffee brewer. You probably have one in your kitchen, but you may not want to get up every time you want a refill. Keeping your home office comfortable and productive also means creating an environment where you have amenities to keep yourself going. Putting a coffee maker in your office will make a difference when you’re working from home.

As we all work from home more often, it is imperative to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity, efficiency, and comfort. If you invest in these tools for your home office, you will be in a better position to get things done — and also enjoy yourself while you do it.


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