Four expensive ways to decorate your house this Christmas

Four expensive ways to decorate your house this Christmas

Christmas holidays are fast approaching and each year brings its own traditions to infuse the home with a bit of glamour and glitz. For most of us this relates to hanging a wreath at the door and putting up a tree, for others it is an opportunity to bring North Pole to your doorstep. While there is still a bit of time left for the festivities to begin, your house decorations should begin right away in order to make the occasion bright and beautiful. So here are some brilliant suggestions for healthy wealth spends to your house into a luxurious winter wonderland, and be proud of it as well.

As Christmas is fast approaching, now is the time to start planning on how to procure that extra funds you need to finance the home decor for the festive period. Christmas loans are affordable and do not carry forward longer then required. Most of them are paid before the next season sets in and enable the borrower to enjoy Christmas well. Bad credit payday loans can also be approved if you start planning now.

Create a warm welcome

Light up your driveway with glowing luminaries for a bright and twinkling welcome for the guests. A popular way is by is by lining up an array of paper lights (you can learn how to make them on sites like the Spruce Crafts), using battery powered LED candle lights, all along the walkway. Lanterns also instantly add flair to the landscaping and can light up the dark areas. Setting one on either side and leading up to the porch is a great way to afford a warm welcome to the guests while leading them inside.

Spruce up the living room

The living room, especially during the holiday season occupies the pride of place in the house, just like the kitchen does. This is the place where the whole family congregates to enjoy the spirit of the occasion by the side of a roaring fire. A rather subtle way to touch up the space is by revamping the windows with twinkly star lights, and garlands selected from the local florist, to give a classy Christmas look. LED lights give a magical feeling and come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect to enhance the lighting of the drawing room. A festive tablecloth, in delightful patterns, made from 100% cotton will provide the right backdrop for the table which is the centrepiece during Christmas. An evergreen wreath above the fireplace will complete the stunning scene.

Go for a special Christmas tree

Bring decorative Christmas cheer in your home by opting for a beautiful real Christmas tree which will take centre stage. Adorn the mantle with aromatic greenery and the tree with red garlands and gold lights. The tree should give off a nice aroma and have strong branches to hold up the large number of ornaments. Another alternative is an inverted spruce 16 foot tree,for example, will give the classy Christmas feeling as soon as one enters indoors. Decorate it with lametta, silver feathers made by hand and snowflakes and candles.

Give the dining table a festive look

The dining table forms an unparalleled party venue during Christmas so it is important to give it an inviting appearance for the signature Christmas dinner. Start by putting a small Christmas tree at the centre of the table and two glass vessels on either side with coloured balls to set the mood. The tablecloth should be white with fine embroidery of flowers. Lastly place two lit candles in a metallic gold holder on the edge of the table, which will be in perfect harmony with the colour of the tablecloth. Elements to include are Gold flatware, white dinner plates, natural linen napkins, stemless wine glass and a boxwood wreath.

Decorating the house lavishly for Christmas is the best way of not only kicking of the festival season in style, but also for giving a chance to the family to bond together. So why not start this week end.


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