Boredom is a natural part of childhood. No matter how many toys you have or what activities you have planned in your schedule, they will not be interested in what you have. Boredom is also common among children who have unplanned and unstructured days.

Interestingly, boredom is good as it brings a lot of kid fun things to do. This gives kids a chance to find creative ways to stay busy and get through the dead-end lockdown when it inevitably hits them.

There is no parent in the world who has not faced at least once the question: what things to do with your kids today. The reasons for forced isolation can be very different: school holidays, a child’s cold at the wrong time, quarantine in a kindergarten, and even a global pandemic.

There is only one task – to make a smooth transition from boredom and direct the relentless energy of children in a peaceful direction. And the team of professionals at Little Scholars knows how to make it right!

So what are the fun things to do with little kids at home?

As you know, physical activity is vitally important for little children, and even more so in the limited space of an apartment or house. Therefore, make the most of your home and get used to doing the activity that suits you best.

Morning exercise

One of the best things to do with kids is doing some workout together. A good time to teach your child to exercise is in the morning. Play their favorite upbeat song or a simple exercise video and start building a healthy habit.


If you are a fan of this form of exercise and do it yourself, the child will be happy to slowly repeat the movements after you. By the way, yoga also relaxes and strengthens the nervous system, making the child less stressed.

Jump rope

If you live in a private house, this type of activity suits you. Modern jump ropes are equipped with a counter placed on the handle, so organizing a competition is not difficult even with children of different ages.


It doesn’t matter if the children can sing properly or take the highest note. The main thing is to think about the neighbors and not to organize a concert too late. If you have a microphone, great, you can turn on your favorite tune with words and organize a real concert. If there is no microphone, a laptop is enough to gather a singing family around you.


Find a simple recipe on the web that your child will surely be interested in. You can make decorated cakes, salads or sandwiches. Cook the ingredients together, entrust the children with the processes that they can handle: cutting, mixing, kneading, cutting molds, etc. Set the table, add beautiful napkins, candles, or flowers to the usual dishes – and family dinner or regular tea party will become one of the best events of the day.


This is a whole artistic direction associated with the manufacture of paper products: postcards, notebooks, photo albums. You can order the materials for creativity in the online store, and then go to discover the fascinating world of art, not only for the child but also for yourself.

Table games

Whether you love the old Monopoly or the fast-paced new Uno, try new games and get the old ones off the shelves, make it your goal to discover which one is the most fun and will appeal to everyone in your family.

Countries and flags

The moment you get a big world map at home, the children will have a great opportunity to learn countries and flags. Draw flags and stick them on colored buttons, gradually placing them on the map. It is great stuff to do with kids and give them a chance to compete and learn something new.

Animals and continents

The same map, but with animals, will allow you to remember where the kangaroos or penguins live and learn about the continents. Pictures of birds and animals can be printed, drawn, or cut out of old magazines.

Soap making

One of the fun things to do with children that will make you feel like a real alchemist. What could be more exciting than the magical transformation of a liquid mass into a beautiful solid piece of soap! Washing your hands with homemade soap is much more interesting, which means that as a result, the formation of a useful hygienic skill is guaranteed.

Learn the road signs

Take a walk and teach your child the basic road signs along the way. Let this not be a boring lecture, but a fun quiz where rewards are given for correct answers. In general, the theme of the “test” can be anything, depending on the age of the participant: colors, letters, reading inscriptions, professions, numbers.

Photoshoot or video shoot for the child

The most memorable weekends often end with the phrase “It’s a shame we don’t have a camera.” A separate entertainment can be a photo session, for example, in a park, on a playground. So that the child does not get tired, let him change his clothes, make a face, and take a variety of poses. You also can let the child try themselves as a photographer and give the kid a children’s camera.

Camping in the yard

What can be better than spending the night outdoors looking at the starry sky? For this, it is not necessary to go to the forest where there is no bathroom or other amenities. In the evening, you can light a fire, have some marshmallows, tell each other interesting stories, and then fall asleep in warm sleeping bags.

All these fun things to do with kids are a great way to have some quality time together. It is not only fun and games but also an important way of acquiring new skills and socializing. Also sometimes you get a chance to go outside more often.

What to do with kids outdoors?

Have a picnic in your garden: Spread a blanket on your lawn, play music on your Bluetooth speaker, and eat a delicious lunch while enjoying the warm rays of the bright sun.

Turn an old cabinet or dresser into a play kitchen for kids. Put old dishes on pots and spoons so that the children can prepare natural delicacies based on mud, grass, and clay.

Ride a bike with the whole family. Explore the area and enjoy the warm breeze blowing over your back.

Teach your children order and love for our Planet: next time you will go for a ride on your favorite transport route, bring gloves, bags, and sharp sticks to pick up trash. You can even organize a competition to see who can collect the biggest bag. Set a good example for your children and teach them to take care of the environment.

Hang a hammock in the garden and buy your child an interesting book to read outside.

Play basketball, soccer, and bowling. These games are affordable and available in a variety of flavors.

Buy some face paint for the kids and have them paint each other. Don’t worry: the paints are completely safe and easy to wash

Make your own paper boats and float down the nearest river or backyard pond.

Sometimes it’s not that easy to make up fun things to do with children during vacations, quarantine, or adverse weather conditions. Mothers of many children often joke that three or more children have a great time, although in this case the parental involvement is not so much controlling as uniting.

You can pick any stuff to do with your kids: handcrafting, designing, inventing fairy tales. You may organize a real theater or a competition, and the number of children does not matter at all. It is moments like these that bring families together and you remember them for a long time.

You can organize a picnic on the balcony or cook pizza together and explore the world together, looking for the most distant and little-known countries on the map, marking them with flags.

At times when we are at home with children, any ideas of what to do together will be useful. And in case you feel that some help will be of use, daycare centers like Little Scholars can take care of your little angels. We hope that our tips and recommendations will be useful to you and help you find an interesting activity with your child.


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