Get Your Drinks Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Get Your Drinks Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

New York City is hearth to several small and big restaurants and fast-food chains. If you want a specific flavor or cuisine, you’re going to find them yourself. Whether you want some authentic New York Pizza or you want some Chinese dumplings, you don’t have to worry because there are to-go services that deliver your food right at your doorsteps.

But if you think products and food are all that can be delivered, then you haven’t tried alcohol delivery in NYC yet. And yes, this means you can have cases of your favorite beer or wine brought directly to your place.

How Does Alcohol Delivery Work?

Like any food delivery service, alcohol delivery NYC offers a complete revamp of how we purchase our favorite alcoholic drinks. Not only does a delivery service offer the most common types of beverages, but you get a myriad of choices from the best selections.

And just like purchasing from an online store or ordering your favorite foods, you need to go through the usuals of adding the item in your cart and checking them out. The process, though, removes all the hassles from visiting a physical store, traveling to and from your location, and then wasting your time on long counter queues.

Another great thing about alcohol delivery NYC is a free delivery service. Instead of paying half the price of your alcohol, you get your items without additional charges other than the cost of the item itself.

Additionally, the delivery time can be fast. Inter-city and interstate deals often take a long time to reach you and are more expensive. But carefully sourced alcoholic drinks provide you with a more convenient value.

How Much is an In-app Alcohol Worth?

So, are the products you get from apps and websites much cheaper, or are they more expensive?

Prices depend on the service provider and where you are ordering form. For example, NYC alcohol service, bevvi, has partnered with local liquor stores to provide consumers with significant discounts. The list will depend on their partner store as well as the cut.

But, that means you’ll be able to get wines, whiskey, rum, beer, and more for a discounted price and save more.

If you’re running a business, this is a great way to save on money.


Age Verification

Most of the time, users have to verify their age by providing a legal ID. In New York and practically every part of the US, the legal drinking age is 21. That said, you need to be 21 before you can buy an alcoholic drink from any alcohol delivery service.

So be sure to verify your age and have your ID ready in hand when the delivery crew comes knocking at your door.


Technology is expanding. It has given us ways to get what we want and need in a matter of time without leaving our homes. Since everything can be delivered and bought using our smartphones, it’s no surprise that suppliers of alcoholic drinks and beverages are following the trend.

There are several alcohol delivery services you can choose from. But, be sure that you work with the company that offers you the best deals with fast delivery time.


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