What to Do to Get Your Luxury Car Ready for an Important Event

What to Do to Get Your Luxury Car Ready for an Important Event

Owning a luxury car is both a source of joy and a big responsibility. It brings joy because there’s a sense of prestige in driving or riding one. Also, there’s no denying that luxury vehicles offer superior comfort, extraordinary performance, and are proven to last so much longer — they’re the cars that are poised to become classics one day.

Luxury cars are not mere splurges; they are true smart investments, especially if you consider all the first-class features they come with. And, you cannot overlook the fact that such vehicles are the perfect choice of transportation for special events.

And speaking of being the best vehicle to use for special occasions, it’s important to note that just like any car, a luxury model also requires some freshening up, whether you use it often or not. And when it comes to prepping a luxury car for an important event, the following are considered the necessary tasks.


1. Test run

Give the vehicle a test run to the event location before getting any work done. This is particularly important if you do not use the car often or if the vehicle is a restored classic from many decades ago.

Keep an eye and ear out for anything that is out of the ordinary. The test run can help determine how much prep work is necessary to ensure that the vehicle would be in excellent working condition for the event.

If you hear any abnormal noises or sense mechanical resistance while driving the vehicle, it may need car repair mechanical services beyond a typical auto tune-up. It’s good to catch these early because they may take a much longer time to repair.

2. Auto tune-up

If your car seems to be okay, but it has already accumulated a lot of mileage since the last tune-up, why not schedule this service in time for the big event? If you own an Audi A4, which is a popular choice for weddings and other formal affairs, take it to a certified Audi workshop in Dubai.

Take note that the workshop has to be a brand specialist because whatever replacements to be made should be sourced based on the recommendations of the maker. Otherwise, it’s not just operational complications that may occur in the future that will be the issue, but a significant devaluation of the vehicle as well.

Industry experts also add that certified service professionals are a must for the repair and replacements included in a tune-up because you can be sure that their practices and techniques are up to standards. Therefore, you can trust that once they’re done with the work, your luxury car would be in tip-top shape.

3. Car wash

For a special event, you would want your car to shine. Therefore, bring it to the service center for exterior cleaning. But don’t stop there, for a vehicle to sparkle, it needs waxing as well.

Waxing doesn’t just make cars stand out, but it also eradicates tiny surface blemishes such as scratches and protects vehicles from flying debris. If a car’s been waxed, debris will just slide off of the body instead of scraping it.

And be particular with the glass. Veteran car show organizers say that specialist service centers perform a fantastic job in getting the glass to shine by going about it twice and using a special cloth to wipe and polish.

4. Interior cleaning

It’s not just the exterior that needs to look fresh for the event; it’s crucial to wash the interior as well. This is a demanding job because the interior of a car is not a flat surface. There are so many nooks and crannies where dirt can settle. Plus, there’s a greater variety of materials, and they do not dry at the same rate.

The upholstery, for instance, should be pristine for the special event. It should not have any stains, and definitely no funky odors. Car upholstery needs to be washed and dried properly.

The rugs or carpet, on the other hand, should be vacuumed thoroughly, if it doesn’t need to be washed. Lastly, all hard surfaces should be polished to a shine. Metal elements should have a mirror-like finish, and boards should have a gleam to them.

5. Paint sealant application

If you want your car to maintain its brand new appearance for a truly long time, consider an application of paint sealant. This is a more expensive service at the workshop, but it will keep your car paint looking showroom-worthy for at least half a year.

Not only that, as seasons change, the sealant will work to prevent corrosion or the development of rust, particularly on the edges of the body.

6. Upgrades

There are fancy upgrades that you can implement to make your luxury car even more stylish. A change in lights is one. Another is by switching to a different design of mags. It wouldn’t hurt to give your luxury ride fancy bling at the tires.

You may also want to install new smart technology in your vehicle, not only for entertainment but for a sleeker driving experience, as well. There are retro-inspired digital devices for cars that are absolutely perfect for restored classic luxury vehicles. Look into these and see how your car workshop can integrate them into your car.

For improved comfort and style, changing the car seats is certainly a go. You can invest in completely new ones or just the covers. Opt for a contrasting color or a different material, such as velvet or velour that feels more luxe.

Indeed, there are a lot of tasks involved in getting a luxury car ready for a special event. However, if you have a specialist workshop to take your vehicle to, you can rest assured that whatever needs to be done will be taken care of by people who are committed to protecting your pricey investment.

Do not think too much about the cost, though, because a top-notch job won’t come cheap, but it will be worth it. Just take comfort in the fact that all the maintenance or upgrades carried out have a long-lasting impact on the longevity and quality of your luxury vehicle.

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Ahmad Ramadan is a Managing Partner at Deutsche Technik Service Center, Dubai’s first and largest VW, Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, & Lamborghini vehicle specialist and performance tuner. DT has also built an illustrious portfolio in classic car repair, maintenance, and restoration, as well as body work (accident repair, painting, and denting). DT Service Centre offers a full range of services: mechanical repairs, maintenance, servicing, etc.


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