How Hair Loss Affects Men's Self-esteem

How Hair Loss Affects Men’s Self-esteem

Hair is one of the most noticeable parts of the body. It enhances our personality and appearance that sets the tone for our entire look. Picking the right hairstyle will make you feel in control of yourself. It can certainly boost your confidence with a small hairdo.

It plays an essential role in determining self-image, social perceptions, and psychosocial functioning. But what if you wake up one day losing all your hair?

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Studies showed that men are more prone to hair loss than women. Men have a higher testosterone level that is more likely to produce DHT levels, a hormone with powerful androgenic actions that makes the body to mature during puberty.

Hair loss can be visible in different ways depending on what’s causing it and can affect the scalp or the body. Men’s hair loss can be caused by different factors like stress, anemia, chemotherapy, genetics, protein deficiency, low vitamin levels in the body, and even other diseases.

Male Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common, primarily affecting the top and mid frontal of the scalp. It is usually a progressive hair loss that is predominantly psychological. Hair loss has a psychosocial impact on the affected individual, causing emotional stress.

Effects of Hair Loss in Men

Men are at higher risk of feeling loss of control in their lives when hair loss occurs than women. While some men can cope with or accept their hair loss, others fall into depression, dropped self-worth, and insecurity due to their changed appearance.

Anyone can pretend to be not influenced by society’s beauty standards, but it’s clear that some figures drive how our culture perceives handsomeness and overall physical health. The biggest issue surrounding men’s baldness is not balding itself. It is how it starts to affect the confidence of manhood.

Although there are many solutions nowadays, like embracing and loving yourself and having full support from family and friends, some still couldn’t cope with the effects of feeling unattractive.

Remedies of Hair Loss

Luckily, in our modern world, there are numerous successful hair regrowth treatment for men los angeles ca.

Various options like surgical and non-surgical hair regrowth treatment for men Los Angeles, CA, are available. Transplants with different styles to choose from are also an option and can amazingly be permanent. There are even topical remedies that are proven to improve hair growth, thanks to modern science. It is incredible how the medical team of Los Angeles Ca. has been able to come up with helpful treatments.

Remember that everyone is different and that strategies of treatments may differ from one individual to another. Several factors can cause hair loss, and that’s why it’s important to consult a professional.

Seek professional advice regardless of how old you are. Some young men may think that they are too young to have hair loss and may not seek advice for professional treatment. Remember, if you notice thinning of hair, it is always the best time to do something.


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