High RTP Rate Microgaming Slots

High RTP Rate Microgaming Slots

The online game lovers are very much well aware of the online gambling platform named Microgaming. It is one of the most trustworthy and reliable gaming platforms and software providers. There are several numbers of games on this platform. Microgaming is one of the best gaming platforms. It stands out for so many reasons and its unique features in the gaming world. They can offer you the experience of an exact online casino feeling. They are very much popular for their wide range of games and the quality of the games as well.

What is RTP?

RTP is a particular score from which you can get to know how much gambled money you can win from playing a specific and determined slot. So, the higher rate of RTP can give you the chance to win high. You need to check the RTP of the gaming slot before you start to play any particular game. On the other hand, RTP is the ideal way to decide where to invest your money. So, understanding RTP is the best way to earn more.

If you are planning to play slots from this particular developer? But you are not sure about the Microgaming Slots RTP levels of the gaming slot. Then, here are some pieces of information that you need to know about these slots.

Top RTP slots by Microgaming:

Here are the top RTP slots by Microgaming. The percentage rate describes and explains the potential rate of the gaming slots. It describes how much stake you will win from the slots. So, there are hundreds of slots that you can select from. But here are some top Microgaming slots with the high rated RTPs. These gaming slots will save you more.

Hot Ink:

It is one of the best gaming slots in the Microgaming platform. This game is based on the original theme of tattoo and tattoo artists. This game is very much appealing and enjoyable. This game is exciting for people who have rebellious and artistic spirit. This game is awesome and you can also get the chance to win creative bonus points and treats. Hot Ink gets enough benefit from a tattoo bonus, re-spin, and also free-spin rounds. So, this game is undoubtedly entertaining. Apart from this, Hot Ink is the top RTP Microgaming slot game. This game offers a 97.5% return rate to the gamers.


It is one of the famous gaming slots. It has fantastic payout rates. This game is based on original gaming themes including space, exploding stars, and comets. So, you will get a chance to take a trip into the Universe. The endless Universe can provide you with the best benefit and the soothing music is the extra topping on it. This is best for new players. It also provides you with 27 different pay lines. The RTP rate is 97.05%.

Jurassic World:

For online slot games, dinosaurs are always perfect. But Jurassic World can offer you the best possible RTP rate such as 97%. It can provide the players with a stunning and outstanding playing theme. This also keeps you entertained. There are separate free spin functions that you can enjoy.

Cricket Star:

Many people like to play cricket and they love this sport. The RTP rate of this particular game is 97%. There are 243 different and variety of ways to win the reels. The wild wicket feature is also there to play. So, if you are a fan of cricket then, this game is perfect for you.

Immortal Romance:

This is one of the most popular and reputed slots in the Microgaming platform. The RTP rate is 96.86%. The theme of the game is filled with the vampire and gothic symbols. The appealing feature makes it more entertaining as well. You can enjoy 15 free spins and the vampire feature as well.

So, these are the popular and the top RTP slots by Microgaming. There are reliable and trustworthy online slots with highest and guaranteed payback rates. There are some progressive jackpots that you can enjoy in this particular platform. The players can enjoy these slots and win bonus points and earn money as well. But you need to check RTP before starting to play any game.


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