How Hiring an Immigration Attorney Will Help You Move to the US

How Hiring an Immigration Attorney Will Help You Move to the US

About a fifth of the world’s immigrants lives in the US. They account for an estimated 13.6% of the US population, which rose by almost three times since the 70s. People seek US residency for various reasons, including work, school, refuge, and to be closer to family. However, it’s not easy to obtain a legal immigration status in the US because some strict laws and guidelines surround it. It’s even more difficult if you plan to take your family with you.

Immigration is a tricky industry because it’s nuanced to every individual, so one person’s application process may not be the same as another’s. More complicated cases may require you to go to court and defend your situation, which you can’t do without a professional in the field. To ensure that your immigration experience remains seamless and worry-free, it’s a good idea to hire an immigration attorney stockton ca.

What is an Immigration Attorney?

Immigration attorneys are experts in helping you obtain the proper visas and documentation required to move to another country. They can aid you in a variety of matters regarding your migration to ensure that the entire process remains lawful. As their practice is federal, you’ll have to consult with a lawyer practicing in the country you want to move to.

If you’d like to study in the US, for example, then you’d have to consult with a US-based immigration attorney to determine what type of visa you need. There are different requirements for a 6-month stay and a 4-year stay, so you need a professional to help you determine the legal documents that you need.

Immigration attorneys can help you obtain a green card, the coveted permanent US residency status. It grants you the right to permanently live in the US, the right to any legal work, and the right to be protected by law. It is, however, distinct from an actual US citizenship, which entails a different process.

Additionally, immigration attorneys may also possess specializations. For example, a family immigration attorney will be well-versed in helping you obtain marriage, fiancé, naturalization, and citizenship visas. They will help you through severe cases, such as migrating with a fiancé who has been an illegal immigrant or has been denied access to the US.

Should I Hire One?

As mentioned above, cases revolving immigration are nuanced to your situation. Regardless, an immigration attorney is essential as they’ll be helping you beyond the migration process. Reliable lawyers will keep in contact with you and ensure that any immigration-related unfavorable circumstances, even after you have successfully moved, are professionally dealt with.

Even when you think that your petition is going smoothly, there’s no telling when an unforeseen incident comes up and turns the tables against you. Much like going through a divorce or trying to obtain custody over a child, the immigration process is sensitive and requires you to walk on your toes to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

In cases of hardships during your trial, immigration attorneys will study your circumstances and will build arguments to support you. In situations where your presence in court is necessary, having a lawyer who’s been following your case will make the process easier and less stressful on your part.

How Do I Choose an Immigration Attorney?

It’s pertinent to choose an immigration attorney who’ll be able to handle your situation with ease. The most essential feature to look for is specialization. That is because a lawyer who specializes in business immigration may not be knowledgeable enough to work on individual cases in the category of family immigration. Likewise, an attorney who specializes in family immigration might not be the best choice for student immigration, and so on.

Moreover, it’s beneficial to choose an attorney based in or near the state you plan to live in. That arrangement will ensure that any post-immigration concerns are handled with logistical ease.

A recent immigration statistic report shows that California is the top destination for immigrants, housing over 200,000 legal permanent residents in 2017. California’s immigrant population has heightened the standard of law services. Thus, getting an immigration attorney in Stockton, CA, is beneficial even if you live in nearby areas.

However, the most crucial standard is to choose a reputable and experienced attorney to work with you. That way, your plans to move to the US are more than just a dream.


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