How Can Home Automation Help You Save?

How Can Home Automation Help You Save?

When we think about saving money at home, we often think about actions like switching off lights when not needed, turning off faucets when not in use, and ensuring shorter heating and cooling cycles to save maximum energy. All of such actions are distinct ways of saving money, but remembering them every day during every moment you spend in your home can be a real struggle.

Home automation comes to the fore to solve this problem because it can ensure better comfort, safety and control, which results in reduced energy bills. Consequently, the home automation industry is snowballing with a current market of around $79 billion due to numerous products being introduced that can be managed from your phone. Let us now discuss various areas of our homes and how home automation can help you save money there.

  • Bedroom:

Smart Power Strips:

Traditional power strips are of utmost convenience as they increase the number of electronic outlets in your bedroom. But, quite often does it happen that we tend to let the electronic equipment plugged in all the time thinking that it would not make a difference.

These power strips are like electronic vampires, and they continue to suck energy if you keep them plugged in when not in use. On the other hand, smart power strips can be preset to switch off during certain parts of the day, or they switch off when there is no movement in the room. Therefore, plug your electronic equipment in the smart power strips because it will save you energy.

Smart Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling fans have the potential to consume a lot of power, and it often happens that when we move from one room to another, we tend to forget switching off the fans. Therefore, it will be a good idea to buy a smart ceiling fan with an occupancy sensor that will ensure that the fan is only switched on when someone is in the room.

  • Kitchen:

Smart Appliances:

Look to buy electric appliances with an ENERGY STAR certification because they have improved energy efficiency. Also, make sure that the chosen appliance has remote control functionality so that you can remotely switch off appliances you forgot to unplug before leaving the house.

Automated Gardening:

You must always look to have a portable garden in the kitchen from where you can forage different herbs you need during cooking. Opt for automated gardening for this purpose because it will keep on reminding you about when to water the plants, and what nutrients a specific herb needs to produce the best yield.

  • Living Room:

Smart Thermostat:

A smart thermostat is a crucial cog in the wheel of home automation because our HVAC systems consume a considerable amount of energy. Long gone are the days of manual thermostats when you had to physically manoeuvre the dials and input the temperatures to ensure a comfortable temperature.

Smart thermostats are designed to ensure that your home is at a comfortable temperature without consuming an excessive amount of energy. It has been estimated that smart thermostat can improve heating efficiency by 12% and cooling efficiency by 15%.

Smart Lighting:

Lighting may not seem that energy-intensive especially with the introduction of LEDs and other energy-efficient bulbs, but lighting accounts for 15% of the global electricity use. Therefore, make sure that you install a smart lighting system in your home that ensures that lights are off when there is no one in the room.

  • Bathroom:

Smart Showerheads:

According to studies, a considerable amount of water is wasted under the showers. Therefore, it is a good idea to install smart showerheads that let the water out only when there is someone beneath the shower. As a result, you are set to pay reduced water bills.

Automated Water Line:

The automated water line is another great way of saving water and reducing water bills because it does not only enable you to shut your water supply from afar but also lets you know about the potential leaks in the system that are wasting water. Therefore, connect your water line to an automated system, and you will be set to experience all the advantages mentioned above.


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