How much do movers cost?

How much do movers cost?

Are you curious about how much hiring a moving company cost? If yes, then you are in the right place. Moving to a new place is neither a one-day job nor an easy one. There is a lot to plan, a lot to prepare, and a lot to execute. And one person can only do so much. Hiring a moving company will surely take a huge amount of stress off your head.

Although you might wonder whether it is a good idea to pay money to some jacked-up dudes to lift your stuff or not but trust me it will be totally worth it. I have moved several times in my life and I can assure you from my previous experience that hiring a moving company to do the work is a blessing. There is just so much stress off your head and you can spend all the time wondering about the legal work that is to be done. Besides most companies offer moving quotes that are good enough.

Almost all good companies will have their representative sent at your house and he/she will check the number of rooms you have, furniture you have, etc. and then offer you a good price quote. If you feel like the price quote is good enough then you can go for it. If the company is reputed, there aren’t any hidden charges and they do not ask for money upfront either. You only pay after the move is done.


So, if you are worried about the cost of hiring a moving company, then I am going to share with you a few things that affect your moving cost.

4 Things can that affect your cost of hiring a moving company: –

1. How big your home is: – Homes usually vary greatly in size and the cost of moving can be highly affected by the size of your home. If you have a small apartment, then the cost will obviously be lesser than if you have a large mansion. Along with the size of the home, size of rooms matter greatly as well. If your house has a lot of rooms (big rooms) then it can be difficult for the movers to do the work and may take longer as well.

A house with lots of stairs can be a price deciding factor too. You might get charged more if your house has a lot of stairs. Also, if you live on the 7th floor of an Apartment, then make sure to let the moving company know that to avoid surprise cost of moving your furniture downstairs. Remember that moving items from an attic and basement will be more difficult for the movers than moving items from just one floor.

2. How far your destination is: – Another important factor that affects your cost of hiring a moving company is how far your destination is. If you plan to move across the street, then it would be cheaper than a move across the town. For Example – A move within Summerlin will be much cheaper than a move from Summerlin to Henderson. Similarly, moving between two different states will be even costlier.

We recommend you sitting down and deciding a route for the move in advance. If you are new to the area then ask the moving company to help you decide the best route. You need to know the amount of traffic on each route. If a route has high traffic then it will be costlier as the movers will have to spend more time on the road and the more time they spend moving instead of the road the more profitable it will be.

3. Packing Service: – You have probably already started worrying about all the packaging that is to be done. And honestly, there is a lot to be packed. You need to find boxes first (You can easily get boxes from websites like Craigslist at a very low price) then you need to buy tapes and labels for those boxes and then you can finally pack. You have a choice to do that by yourself or let the moving company do it.

Yes, the moving company can pack the goods for you. If you opt. for the packing service then it will cost you more. Even though it might cost more we recommend you ask the moving company to do. One of the main reasons for letting the moving company do the pack is because if you pack yourself then in case of damage to the products, the company won’t be liable for it.

4. Date of Moving: – You need to realize that the date of moving is just as important as how you move. A move during the weekends or during a peak season might cost more.

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are the top 4 factors affecting your cost of hiring a moving company. Good luck!


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