How to Achieve VIP Status on Online Casinos

How to Achieve VIP Status on Online Casinos

Loyalty programs are a common phenomenon today. Local stores, gas stations, hotels, travel agents, coffee shops and so on, they all have it. The businesses reward their loyal customers with gifts like vouchers, trips, buffet lunch, spa time, among other things.

Online casinos have also adopted their version of royally rewards called VIP status. The rewards are exclusive to loyal customers who have been gambling for a long and spending a considerable amount of money on betting. There are several ways to achieve VIP status.


Play often

Like all other loyalty programs, casinos reward a certain number of points each time you bet. You might need to apply for membership in the loyalty program, but some casinos automatically qualify subscribers.

Being automatically qualified in a program does not mean you automatically gain VIP status. You must earn the status through hard work or trying for online casino real money. The casino operators will continue accumulating your points until you hit a set target.

Once you achieve its target, you will be notified that you have achieved a VIP status. You will also be shared information on which level of VIP you are on and the perks you can enjoy.

Deposit a lot of cash 

No casino will reward you big if you are not willing to spend your money betting. Points accumulation can take long before you gather enough. You may decide you want to boost yourself so that you gain your VIP status fast.

You must show it through action. From the very first day or a short while after you create your account, begin depositing big money. Each casino may define big money differently. It will be your responsibility to seek information and understand what big money would mean to the specific online casino.

To the less established online casinos, big money might mean $50 but to the more established, big money might mean $500 or more. That’s why you need to establish the meaning of big money in any casino you join.

Bet big amounts of money 

Experienced online casino gamblers do not fear losing money because they know they have many more chances to win. You will find them betting big money and mostly, they win big too.

They always have some money reserved for another spin if they lose in the current spin. It is like they build an emergency fund to draw out any time the need arises.

If you want to attain VIP status, shed away every fear that tells you that you will lose your money. There are more chances to win than there are to lose. When the other players are betting $2 to $5 per spin, bet $80 and select thirty spins.

You might lose 70% of your money, but you will have moved closer to become a VIP. Go back to the wheels and bet another $100. The casino owners will begin recognizing you and it might take you only a few days to become a VIP.

Play in the member’s club

Playing in a member’s club is more important than money you make. Even before you become a VIP, you get chances to interact with some of the renowned gamblers globally.

You can learn a lot from them for free. In an online casino, you might not get access to some exclusive lounge or something like in real places, but you enjoy many other benefits.

You start enjoying discounts, exclusive support, vouchers and many more and then you eventually become a VIP member. The special online casino member’s club is not availed in every online casino.

Some important VIP perks

There are lots of benefits you get by becoming a VIP in an online casino. The benefits include special gifts, quicker withdrawal time and intervals, VIP bonuses and promotions, holiday trips, and a committed account manager. Your commitment and desire to become a VIP is what might help you attain the status fast.


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