How to Celebrate your Birthday - Corona Edition

How to Celebrate your Birthday – Corona Edition


Is your birthday coming up? Then you should not let it pass unmarked. Birthdays are special and a great way to bring your friends and family together. But due to the corona pandemic, celebrating birthdays nowadays is a little different than you’re used to. You’re, for instance, not allowed to invite that many people and you have to create a table setting in which everyone is able to keep their distance to each other. And maybe the most awkward thing of all, it’s not wise to receive birthday hugs and kisses of your beloved ones. Difficult!

That celebrating your birthday is more complex than it is normally, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You just have to be a little creative. Are you looking for ideas to make your birthday a special one? Then be sure to read on!

Dining together with your family

Many people go out for dinner with their family when it’s their birthday. But for many this is not an option as many restaurants are closed these days. If you still want to invite your family for dinner, you can also do it in a corona proof way. You can, for instance, invite your parents and/or brothers and sisters to join you physically. And if you want to celebrate it with your entire family, you can install a mini beamer or LED beamer and a projection screen next to the dining table so that all family members can tune in and be somewhat together. You can also use the beamer and projection screen to take a walk along memory lane by displaying some pictures of your childhood. That will definitely make it special!

HouseParty with your friends

You can also organise a HouseParty with your friends. And by that we of course don’t mean a real houseparty, as it probably won’t be a corona proof one. But you can use the so-called HouseParty app to set up a digital birthday party with your friends. With this app everyone can join digitally and you can play fun games together as the app features many games like Triviant and Pictionary. Make sure that everyone has some drinks and snacks ready!


Do you want to do something creative for your birthday? Then why not book a digital workshop for you and your party guests? What do you think of a cocktail workshop? You also organise a virtual tasting event, for example a chocolate or wine tasting. In case of a virtual wine tasting, a sommelier sends a wine box to every participant. You can taste the wine at your own place while following the instructions on your screen. At a real winery the sommelier stores the wines in a professional built-in wine climate cabinet so that all wines are served at the right temperature. But we can guarantee you that at home the wines taste really good as well!

Which idea is your favorite?


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