How to Get an Entire Month Ahead of Your Bills

How to Get an Entire Month Ahead of Your Bills

Have you ever heard of the phrase “adulting is hard?” Well, it’s true, because being an adult means you’re responsible for many things.

One of those responsibilities is paying your bills every month.

At times you wish bills could disappear, but unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. Even so, there is a way to get ahead of your bills!

If you’re able to make headway on paying your bills, imagine how great that’ll feel.

You’ll feel less stressed out. And you’ll be super proud of yourself for taking extra strides to stay on top of your finances.

Are you wondering what the trick is to get an entire month ahead of your bills? Check out these five tips that’ll help you get ahead in no time at all!


1. Start a Side Hustle

If you work full-time but would like to make more money, consider taking on a few side hustles!

Whether it’s walking dogs or working on social media, there are many ways to make money on the side.

Use the money you make on small jobs to your advantage. You can use it to get ahead on your bills.

And who knows, you might have enough to take yourself out for a nice dinner too!

2. Get Advice From Reddit’s Community

Did you know that Reddit is an excellent tool for gaining advice on how to improve your finances? Reddit has subreddits that make it easy to find finance topics.

For example, on /r/personalfinance/ users address personal finance questions.

You can get on top of your finances by learning about many finance-related topics. A few of these topics include budgeting, saving, and getting out of debt.

So use Reddit’s community to your advantage and glean advice on how to cut back and save more money!

3. Save Your ‘Extra Paychecks’

You might be wondering by this subtitle how you can get an extra paycheck!

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but unless you’re working two jobs, you won’t be getting extra paychecks.

There is an advantage to working full-time 9-5 at your job, though. You’ll get paid three paychecks two months out of the year!

Your two ‘extra paychecks’ are the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your bills.

If you’re already ahead of your bills (nice work!), put aside these funds for a rainy day.

4. Hold off on Taking a Vacation

If you have a vacation planned but are low on the flow, consider waiting until you have more saved up.

Going on a trip is exciting, but what’s more impressive is making sure you have enough money for your bills and a vacation.

So, even though it’s a bummer to put off a trip, it’s in your best interest to save and not spend.

Save up and put some extra money in the bank to pay more bills. To make that happen, come up with a goal on the set amount you wish to save.

When you’ve reached your goal, it’s time to travel to your heart’s content!

5. Don’t Get Tempted to Spend Online

Thanks to advertising these days, there are tempting ads everywhere on the web.

Even though you can’t get rid of them all, there are a few things you can do.

  • Stay off social media if the ads are tempting you to spend
  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Remove your card information from online retailers
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters that urge you to spend
  • Stay off sites where you don’t have any self-control
  • Set up a monthly spending limit for non-essentials

Now, it’s up to you to say “no” to spending money, but if you follow these tips, that should help too.

In Conclusion

Getting a month ahead of your bills has serious perks. One of those perks is feeling more responsible and financially secure.

Even if it may take some time to reach that point, don’t give up! There are always ways to cut back.

One idea is to have one less Starbucks coffee a week and make it at home instead. Or, you could spend less money on eating out every month.

Make wise decisions, and pretty soon, you’ll have enough saved up to get ahead of your bills. And that means you’ll be able to take that sweet vacation too!


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