How to List Work From Home on Resume

By placing your remote work experience here, the recruiter will see right off the bat that you have previous experience with working independently from a home office. Here are some tips on how to weave your remote work experience into your resume. These examples will show you how to describe how you evolved during your experience working remotely and will assist you in refining and polishing your career narrative. Set yourself apart with these quintessential work-from-home skills, backed by solid examples that demonstrate your expertise to get yourself in the ‘to interview’ pile. You should always name the systems and software you have experience with.

  • After all, there are no degrees or certificates that can prove that you have such skills.
  • Whether you’re on premise or remote employee, having a strong resume at hand is essential for getting you hired.
  • When you write your personal description, highlight how your skillset can contribute to a virtual setting.
  • “Previous Employment” entries on a resume typically include the employer’s location as part of the standard information.
  • But it’s also a great way to show off your experiences working remotely too.

You should first consider why employers care about remote work experience. After the pandemic, most managers know that teams are likely to interact with clients, departments, and customers remotely – even in hybrid companies. When applying for a remote or hybrid role, it is essential to highlight your remote work experience in your resume summary. If you have enough work-from-home experience, then it is best to create a new section on your resume specifically for this form of work. This allows hiring managers to view you as an experienced candidate who can handle multiple responsibilities and work in a flexible manner depending on the job’s requirements. Focus on time management, digital communication, and other skills that showcase your ability to work efficiently from anywhere.

Example 1: Demonstrate remote skills in the experience section

This shows that remote working has come to stay as a recognized form of working, and employers acknowledge it. However, many employers prefer getting work from home job resume from experienced candidates because such get the job done faster and save the company time and other resources on training. Emphasise abilities to work remotely, effectively communicate with your team, and adapt to a remote work environment. Job-seekers with such qualities are highly sought after by employers seeking to hire remote workers.