How to Safely Dye Your Locks Rainbow

How to Safely Dye Your Locks Rainbow

 Any significant color changes of the mane must be performed carefully and with great attention. Hanging upon the hair type and specifics, the skin tone, and many other aspects, the choice of the new shade and style may vary.

Moreover, depending on how long-lasting you want the new style to be, the sort of pigment will be different, too since permanent dyes hold longer than others.

What if you decided to become rainbow-colored? We can share several essential moments that should be considered before you proceed.

Getting Rainbow: Be Prepared

Unlike its careless and childish style, rainbow locks can fit anyone no matter of age, hair length, or the native color.

But achieving this fairy-tale hue is not that easy and every girl must keep in mind the crucially important moments in order not to screw everything up.

  • Consider the risks

Such a significant change as shifting the natural hair tone to multi-colored requires bleaching. So if you are a dark-haired lady, pay attention to the fact that bleaching, even when performed with high-quality products, still damages the locks.

  • Be realistic

Girls oftentimes get inspired by the photos on social media where they see models with bright rainbow-colored ponytails. Nevertheless, the reality often appears to be different and those pictures are heavily edited.

In real life, multi-colored locks may often be less vibrant, moreover, achieving this funny effect will often need multiple bleaching and coloring procedures which also has to be taken into account.

Nuances And Specifics Of Multi-Colored Dyeing

Now that you know what can wait for you, let’s take a closer look at the frequent issues girls face on their way to looking like a rainbow.

  • Is bleaching a must?

Not necessarily. If you are a natural blonde, then this procedure can be skipped. But if you’re not, making your chevelure lighter is needed anyway, otherwise, the new pigments will not stick to it properly.

What also counts is for what amount of time you would like to stay so bright. If this is for only a few days, then think of making use of the short-term product that requires no peroxide. But if the goal is to keep such color as long as possible, bleaching is a must.

Another issue with bleaching is that those who do it at home risk to burn the scalp accidentally. That is why such a procedure is better to be completed by the professional. If for any reason you still stick to the DIY option, search for a safe to use coloring kit at least.

  • What colors to apply?

The variety of shades is endless but certain shades may still suit you better than others – all because of the skin specifics.

If you are an “owner” of so-called warm-toned skin, stick to cooler shades like all variations of blue and purple.

If, on the contrary, you are a “cold-skin” girl, bravely go for pink, orange, yellow, or other bright and warm shades.

What about the girls with a neutral skin tone? Those are lucky ones since they can literally apply any shades!

  • Do I have to dye all hair long?

No, it is not mandatory unless this is the plan. Colored tips or strands look the same cool and make you stand out of the crowd of boring gingers, blondes, and brunettes!

  • What product to look for?

Well, this can become a true stumbling stone! The modern hair dye market is filled with all sorts of products from the traditional dyes to sprays and even foams. Some of them last longer, others will get washed away pretty soon.

How not to get lost?

Consider what you are doing this for. If the goal is to become a rainbow girl for a little while, then a temporary dye is the option for you. Pastes, sprays – choose whatever appeals, none of those requires bleaching. But remember that foams come in natural shades only so don’t even try to find a bright-pink or mermaid blue!

For the more extended result, we would recommend a semi-permanent product. This one will easily survive nearly six washes, besides, such products are usually quite gentle to hair. One more huge advantage of this kind of dye is that anyone can make use of it without any help since the application procedure is very simple.

Finally, if you have been dreaming of turning rainbow for all your life and you’re 100% sure nothing can change your mind, go for a permanent dye.

The only issue that might be faced is that becoming multi-colored with this kind of product will definitely require the help of professionals so make an appointment at the salon.

  • What to consider when going to the salon,

First of all, not every colorist is familiar with such a procedure as coloring the clients rainbow. That is why we suggest you search for an experienced master, and remember to ask for the photos of their previous multi-colored works.

The next stage is to set up a consultation: your colorist needs to know what exactly you’d like to have on your head. In addition, he/she will be able to see the current state of your chevelure and plan the further maintenance and care.

If everything is already settled, get ready for the visit: wash your mane a minimum of twenty-four hours before the appointment, and don’t forget to bring something to entertain yourself since the whole procedure usually takes several hours!

When you finally get what you wanted, display your rainbow locks by weaving them into a vibrant braid – styled like this, the colors will look the most striking and artistic!

For the colored tips, a milkmaid braid will be the most preferable option.

And of course, remember that, for keeping the bright strands vibrant longer, it is better to use cooler water for washing, restrict shampoo use and shift for the color-safe products, and ensure the mane is well-protected from the sun and various heating objects.

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