Insurance Sales Tips for the New Insurance Agents

It can be hard to make sales as an insurance agent more particularly when you are young or inexperienced. Insurance most times cost money. This makes it harder for new agents in the field to make sales. To increase your conversion rate, you need useful information. Here are eight excellent insurance tips to kickstart your career.


Dress Smartly

There is a saying that goes, “you are addressed by the way you dress.” If you want prospective clients to trust in the services you are selling as an independent insurance agent, then you need to look smart.

Show You Know What You are Talking About

It would help if you used the right vocabulary when speaking to clients. Avoid informal language as it reflects of unprofessionalism. To hide your inexperience as an independent insurance agent, you should use words that create trust between you and the customer.

Find common ground

A good insurance agent knows how to create a relationship with the customer. Clients prefer to buy products from people they share things in common with. It could be sports, food, or any other activity. By having something in common with the client, you can gain trust. This leads to a long-term working relationship. However, avoid sensitive areas like religion and politics.


Listen to Yourself on the Phone

Record yourself and listen to the message as a client would hear the message. Does the voice sound professional? Does it inspire confidence? If it does not, alter the pitch or tone of your voice until you get the desired results.

Pay Attention to Customers

As a new agent, you can be eager to show customers your abilities. Thus, you can be talkative. However, a seasoned professional knows that in the field, it is better to listen than to talk. Give clients all your attention.

Be 100% sure you know the right answer to their questions before you speak. If you do not know the correct answer, candidly tell them you are not aware of that for now. After this, make sure to find out and pass it across as soon as possible.

Prepare for Grunt Work

A new agent knows that loyal clients do not fall from the sky. It takes hard work — the boring and tedious stuff. Independent insurance agents know how to knock on doors and do much legwork to close a sale. You may get rejected a lot, but this is one way to increase your clientele base.

Learn From Experienced Agents

Every insurance agent started just like you. They started without experience and learned from others in the field. Learn from those who have been in the selling business for longer. You can leverage the expertise of senior colleagues to sharpen your sales pitch. Be ready to admit mistakes and take constructive criticism to heart.

Do not use Jargon

Jargon prevents you from communicating well. People tend to distrust insurance agents who use jargon because they feel these agents are hiding something. To sell, you have to pass your message clearly and effectively.

Reading this article is just a step in the right direction. Create an action plan and implement the points above to make it as a young or inexperienced insurance agent.



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