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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive healing is slowly becoming popular in Austin, TX. Most individuals find this holistic approach very helpful in their healing. This approach allows the coach to reach your deep meditative state and access your altered state of consciousness. It will help an expert Spiritual Healer in Austin, TX to get intuitive information about your current life or health status. Intuitive healing promotes healing physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

How does Intuitive Energy Healing Works

Your spiritual healer utilizes a self-guided meditation. She puts herself in an altered state of perception in seconds. This meditative state leads to a slower brainwave state. This state allows the spiritual healer to connect ultimately to the Divine Mind of God. It is at this point where the healer receives physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements.

Dealing with Your Beliefs

Your reality depends on your beliefs. They are the energy that creates your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behavior. Intuitive energy healing significantly involves this matrix of your life. This element helps combine yourself with your thoughts and feelings. This is one of the tools used by your healer in intuitive healing.

Energy Testing

A Spiritual Healer Austin TX will use this kind of testing to check if limiting belief is present. It is a simple technique that checks your subconscious mind for those limiting belief patterns.

Downloading Certain Feelings

With the aid of your spiritual healer, you will download feelings and specific programs from the Creator. It will help you agree to take a new belief. How is that possible? Only by being taught what it feels like to be open and accept the idea. Here’s a more evident example.

The spiritual healer will ask the Divine Creator to instill the belief that “I am strong” in you. If the client has never experienced what it feels like to be healthy, it is highly unlikely for the client to grasp that belief. When the healer downloads the feelings, you will feel what it’s like to be active on the cellular and subconscious level.

Spiritual Healer as the Witness

Witnessing is the technique wherein the prime mover is God or the universe. The spiritual healer makes the requests, which are also called decrees and command prayers. After that, she witnesses the changes that have transpired. In this part, seeing plays a vital role in bringing fruit in healing. It is also where the highest vibration available manifests from that of Unconditional Love or God.

Elevations of Consciousness

In intuitive energy healing, there are seven elevations of consciousness. These are the planes that appear in one reality. With the seven elevations of consciousness, you will be able to understand deeply how intuitive energy healing works.

Clear Negative Energy

Many energetic influences can cause daily problems in your life. There are psychic hooks, cords, entities, and those negative energy should be cleared from your body. The spiritual healer will help you be aware of energetic influences you are not even aware of.

For physical healing, the healer also utilizes the same connection with God to witness the change in your body. The healer views the insides of your body and communicates with your different organs. After that process, she will be able to know what’s going on with your physical health.


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