IOTransfer 4: The iPhone Manager for Easy Data Transfer and Management

IOTransfer 4: The iPhone Manager for Easy Data Transfer and Management

Are you a regular iPhone user and looking for software to manage it in a simpler and less cumbersome way than iTunes? IOTransfer 4 is here to help you. It gives you an easy drag and drops experience for transferring files and a few more thoughtful tools.


File Transfer

With IOTransfer 4 you can easily manage the media gallery of your iPhone or iPad. In fact, you will be able to transfer your multimedia contents, including videos, music, and films with a simple click, thus saving your best memories and freeing up space on your smartphone.

Video Downloader and Converter

IOTransfer 4 also allows you to quickly convert your videos to the main formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4 and more, transferring them quickly from your PC to your device. You can also extract audio from a video on iPhone or iPad for later use as you see fit.

Quickly and easily download your favorite videos, thanks to the YouTube video downloader function available in the interface, which allows you to immediately transfer them to your devices, to watch them comfortably wherever you are!

Wireless File Transfer

With IOTransfer 4 you no longer need to use a USB cable. Thanks to the AirTrans function, it will be possible to wirelessly transfer all types of content from PC to iPhone or iPad and vice versa, saving and archiving easily and securely through your local WiFi network.

iOS Deep Cleaner

Currently, most iOS users don’t have to worry about running out of storage space on their iPhone or iPad, but keeping your phone clean and functional is a good way to clean up useless unwanted files and associated installation and registration residues.

Some users may ignore this because they do not even know what kind of unwanted files on their devices, and they also worry about accidentally deleting files that are still in use. Let IOTransfer help you make it easy. IOTransfer contains a module for cleaning the internal memory of devices. Before removing the files, you can click on “Details” to see what kind of files on your device need cleaning.

iCloud Manager

The iCloud manager will allow you to quickly save your content in the cloud by a simple drag. The software also allows you to keep the free space on your smartphone, through a useful scanning function with which you can quickly locate unnecessary files, to be removed from your iPhone.

Useful Tools

There is a TOOLS icon on the screen for IOTransfer 4, where you can see four interesting and useful tools. They are Instagram Downloader, GIF Maker, iCloud Photo Manager, and similar Photo Cleaner. What they do, I think you can understand from their names. If you want to try it, you can download IOTransfer 4 and install it on your computer. These tools are completely free. Try them.


In short, IOTransfer 4 is a useful iOS data transfer and management tool that can be done by iTunes so you can use your iPhone in a smart and easy way. IOTransfer 4 is available in both free and Pro versions, which can be purchased directly from the official website. Lots of features and tools are free, but if you want to explore all the features, go to the Pro version.


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