Learn about health insurance

Learn about health insurance

It is true to say that you need to learn about health insurance to understand its basic concepts, benefits, coverage and exclusion points. “What is health insurance?”, “How to distinguish between life insurance and health insurance basic information about coverage, benefits, exclusion points, basic compensation guidelines” This article will also help you answer those questions. For a more detailed understanding of a specific health insurance package, check out premium package Bao Viet at https://ibaohiem.vn/san-pham/bao-viet-an-gia/.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance product that covers medical expenses in hospitals and clinics when it is at risk of illness, illness or maternity insurance. Using health insurance products to meet the needs of financial protection for the Insured when having inpatient and outpatient treatment.

This is a line of commercial insurance products provided by insurance companies to individual and business customers. This product exists in addition to the state health insurance product – operates for a non-profit humanitarian purpose and desires medical treatment for the entire population.

Health insurance is a form of insurance that the insurance buyer will be paid for in part or in full by the insurance agency as well as the cost of buying medicine for medical examination and treatment. Health insurance enables patients to be examined and treated even though they do not have sufficient money to cover actual medical examination and treatment costs for medical establishments. In order to achieve this, the health authorities themselves must also participate in this insurance. Often state health agencies are required to participate. Private health agencies are encouraged to participate, and whether they participate is up to them.

Depending on each country, the scope of coverage and the level of insurance (in part or in whole) in each country are different.

Health insurance is an insurance product that covers medical expenses in hospitals and clinics when it is at risk of illness, illness or maternity insurance

Distinguish health insurance and state health insurance

Health insurance and state health insurance pay for medical expenses when treating illnesses at health facilities. State health insurance with humanitarian goals should not have a profit purpose. Meanwhile, health insurance requires participants to voluntarily join individuals, families or groups to assist clients in medical examination and treatment at public service hospitals, hospitals, private or international clinics.

The main difference between state health insurance and health insurance is that health insurance is the type of voluntary product provided by insurance companies instead of the state health insurance agency. Health insurance products will pay much attention to customer benefits, with wider coverage, and use in all hospitals and clinics without having to be on the right route.

 Like other types of insurance, health insurance also has basic exclusion points such as that it will not pay for non-medical exams, congenital diseases, special diseases & available conditions. (apply to wait time for coverage), vitamins, supplements.

Conditions of participation

Any individual from a particular country can join health insurance in that country. As long as they have full capacity for civil acts, they must declare and sign the Insurance Application Form. Note the regulations on the age of first participation and re-entry age.

For the first time, health insurance participants need to be aged between 15 days and 60 years old. Some insurance policies can increase the age of participation in the first year to 69 and re-entry to 72 years.

As a rule, the following individuals will not be eligible for health insurance:

– Persons under the prescribed age

– People who are in the process of treating health conditions. So there is no insurance for people who already have health and want to join.

Exclusion points of health insurance

Like all other insurance, this health insurance also applies the following basic exclusion:

– Treatment outside the prescribed scope

– Your intentional acts are covered

– Treatment or care for detoxification of drugs, alcohol, drugs

– Surgical treatment as required

– Law violations

– Participate in or compete in professional sports activities

– Treatment and surgery of birth defects, genetic diseases

…. See the full insurance exclusion points in the Insurance Rules

Insurance waiting time

The period of time when the relevant insurance benefits are not covered, including those cases where the time when the risk arises is pending, but the costs incurred or the consequences of this risk treatment extend the waiting time again. Usually, standard waiting times will be specified:

0 days for an accident

30 days for normal illness

365 days for treatment of chronic diseases, special diseases and available diseases. 730 days after death for the above cause.

+ Maternity:

60 days for pregnancy complications

270-365 days for childbirth

Insurance fees

Insurance fees are determined by age and gender. At a younger age, the risk is low and the premium for the insurance is very cheap, as the age increases, the risk of existing health conditions increases and the price of insurance changes gradually increase. In addition, the premium is affected by the gender of Male and females. Because Women face higher health risks, this gender will have a higher fee for the same benefits and age of participation.

What factors affect health insurance premiums?

The question “What is the impact of health insurance premiums?” always be of interest to customers because the pricing varies by age, gender, industry or geography.

BMI index

BMI is a body index used by doctors and health professionals to determine whether someone is obese or overweight. People with a high BMI have significantly higher insurance fees than those with a normal BMI. Because people with high BMIs can get, or develop conditions including diabetes, sleep apnea and heart and joint problems.

phi bao hiem suc khoe

People with a high BMI have significantly higher insurance fees than those with a normal BMI


According to experts, women often pay higher health insurance premiums than men, for three reasons: Women may be more likely than men for regular visits, taking prescription drugs, suffer from some chronic diseases. For insurance companies that provide maternity insurance, the cost of giving birth is not low, it does not include prenatal and postnatal care costs. This may also be a factor contributing to the higher cost of insurance for women.


Premium rates are often lower for younger people. Young people are less likely to develop health problems than older people. Young people rarely go to the doctor, although they are more likely to be in an accident or seriously injured.

However, for the group of babies or infants under 1 year of age when the body is forming, poor resistance leads to the risk of common diseases such as flu, chicken pox, etc.


People who are exposed to dangerous chemicals or radiation, or work with a high incidence of injury, have much higher premiums than those with less hazardous jobs. There is also a tendency to charge higher premiums for people who are extremely sedentary, requiring them to sit still all day or perform repetitive tasks or movements. People who work in sedentary occupations may increase their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that offers employees compensation for injuries or disabilities sustained as a result of their employment.

Geographical area

People who live in the same area tend to have similarities in their risk profile. If your neighbor or colleague has a high health insurance premium, you can also pay more for health insurance. This does not reflect you personally, but instead reflects insurance company statistics. This may indicate that people in your area are not as healthy as people in other areas. Move to another area, and you may see insurance rates drop significantly.

Above is all you need to know about health insurance. For more information on the health insurance package that is right for you, follow https://ibaohiem.vn.


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