List of Top Degrees in Health Students Should Consider in 2020

List of Top Degrees in Health Students Should Consider in 2020

Would you like to earn $200,000+ annually and make other people happy at the same time? It is possible if you join the healthcare, medicine, & nursing sector. It is one of the most perspective fields today. You can check out the salaries of different related positions on this website.

But how can one get a job in healthcare? We recommend writing a powerful personal statement supported by a cover letter for healthcare programs. Now, what are some of the best programs to join? We have chosen them according to the rankings of 2019.

Northeastern University – Boston, MA

If The Bachelor in Science (BA) is the right degree for you, you should, first of all, consider the Northeastern University located in Boston. It has a perfect score among many reviewers and graduates. The local Healthcare Administration Program offers access to large research options. The university can boast 3,000+ partnerships worldwide. Princeton even called it the best place for starting an internship and professional career. The university basically specializes in the following areas:

  1. Health administration
  2. Community-based health promotion
  3. Public health

Besides, students can apply for liberal arts and natural/social sciences. Those interested in becoming psychologists, researchers, administrators, and surgeons will particularly benefit from joining this institution, which combines both contextual and experiential education. The university offers a capstone project as an engaging contest every year to pick the best out of the best and recommend them for the top healthcare organizations. The unique courses include The American Healthcare System and Community & Public Health. The university closely cooperates with Harvard Medical School. It is difficult to enter if you are not a successful writer. You can increase the chances of getting enrolled if you turn for professional essay help. Keep in mind that a large portion of your success depends on the way you introduce yourself in admissions essay and cover letter.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

It is part of the University of Illinois System. The primary advantage of this place is its magnificent library, which is considered the second largest in the United States. You can be sure that you’ll find enough books and study materials on various topics here. Other sightseeing elements include famous Research Park with dozens of modern equipment and tools, as well as the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. As you may guess, the university offers a great variety of digital applications and tools used to carry out accurate experiments and in-depth studies. It provides local students with more independence and freedom. Also, one can find the speediest supercomputer in the whole world. The professors here are sure that studying health and nursing within a single degree program makes no sense, so they cover many complex subjects that are somehow related to healthcare. The approach to studying here is exceptional.

Social and behavioral science fields are perceived as seriously as healthcare and medicine in this place. Local professors believe that students should master cultural and social aspects first to become successful in the field of medicine. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign mostly teaches how to take care of elderly, disabled, and other categories of patients through finding common speech and individual approach instead of simply prescribing the medicine and physical treatment. The place is all about moral values. Each student has a chance to accomplish an Interdisciplinary Health Study Abroad.

Boston University – Boston MA

Being one of the most popular local universities, the place offers quite a harsh competition, so applicants should be well-prepared to join. It is a private institution with an exceptional research activity thanks to the modernized equipment, tools, and other resources. By the way, did you know that the telephone was invented here? Thus, the university is famous for both its technology-oriented programs and healthcare degrees. The former education is focused on mastering biology, and other related natural sciences as the local professors believe that these disciplines are the core when it comes to healthcare & medicine. Also, students here actively study humanities, liberal arts, and social sciences. The basic courses recommended to everyone include:

  1. The Basics of Psychology
  2. Health & Disability across the Lifespan
  3. Intro to Critical Inquiry

The students have to complete complicated coursework to finish the program successfully and get corresponding recommendations. Most of the time, they face real-life cases and have to react immediately. The practice is the best preparation for their future career. Regular seminars from the healthcare experts provide students with extra skills and knowledge. The university offers a rare opportunity to apply for the Sargent College Thesis for Distinction.

Arizona State University

4 Phoenix-area campuses and the same amount of well-equipped learning & research centers – that is all about public university called Arizona State University. Those who do not manage to succeed with the applications to the universities listed above should try this option. The best thing about this place is that you don’t necessarily have to attend the classes physically – the institution offers a remote learning program, which is valued the same way. The main disciplines taught here are:

  1. Health legislation
  2. Integrated care
  3. Spanish
  4. Biostatistics
  5. Health Care Systems
  6. Communication
  7. Organizational Behavior and HRM

That is not the full list. One can also count on the Mayo Clinic’s echocardiography certificate when taking an active part and studying hard.


Those are mostly bachelor degrees. What you should do to guarantee yourself a perfect future and career is to take care of a Master’s degree as well. We recommend observing the official list of the top MA programs in health sciences.

If you are pretty sure about your strengths and skills, do not waste any more time – apply for the Northeastern University or the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Arizona State University welcomes more students every year, so you may send your application to increase your chances. Anyway, becoming a part of the healthcare & nursing sphere is always a good deal both from economic and moral points of view.


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