Long Summer Vacations? Here’s what you can make your Children do

Long Summer Vacations_ Here’s what you can make your Children do

What do your kids do in their summer break? Do they go camping, visit relatives, play games, play sports, get productive in different ways like by learning gardening, going swimming, or do their own chores? Or guess what, they sit home all idle, all day long, staring either at their phones or at the idiot box? I believe it is the 21st century and our youngsters, unfortunately, belong to the second category of kids described.

Time is money. No, wait. It’s even more precious. Wasted money you can earn back, wasted time you can’t. So as parents, it is our job to keep them busy, and not just busy, but keeping them busy in productive activities is the main task.

Summer break is a time to teach them to follow their interests, discover new passions, experiment and of course, keep one self-entertained. But it is quite natural that children run out of ideas. That is when they start whining and hassle around with all the mischief. So for the sole purpose of avoiding this, and making your children better as individuals, Etutorworld presents some ideas which would help you to do so.


Create a Chore Chart

It is important to develop the habit of responsibility in children and all of this begins from the roots. So create a chart for them that say ‘Do it yourself tasks’ and assign them some basic tasks like colouring, washing your own dishes and likewise. Also, summer break is a break for you from packing lunches, waking up early, waking your children early and helping them with their homework. So if you are bombarded with the same kind of pressure, why is it a summer break at all? His chart could also include kiddo’s full morning routine, like bathing, brushing and also could follow stuff like making their own breakfast, taking the pet on a walk and making their own bed.

Summertime Workshops

Summer workshops or courses are an amazing way to help them develop some new skills or improve on their weak subjects. High school summer programs are organized specially for these summer breaks every year and is a pool of learning. There is art, mathematics, science, history, culture, technology and what not. Your child interacts with people of his age and makes so many new friends. They are hands down, the best way for skill development and growth of your child.

Read, Read & Read.

Unfortunately, this is a dying habit in this generation. Our responsibilities as parents increase to embed this habit in our younger ones. All successful people have one habit in common, that is to read. You can even read together, that would be a major motivator for your little ones. Reading has enormous benefits, and reading recreational novels together is never out of fashion.

Go outdoors

In the 21st century, cricket balls have been replaced by phones, fields by PSPs. Children going out in the sun is a rare sight. We need to change this. Let your children play in the dirt. The weather is perfect for the same. Replace their phones with footballs. This way not only he enjoys and learns, but also gets physically better and stronger.

Gardening or Cooking

We have discussed that this time of the year is to develop interests and discover new passions. This point deals with the same. Also, these activities are great for skill development and you may never know if your kid develops an interest for this any of these fields. All you need is a small backyard for gardening, and a kitchen, which every household has for cooking.

Watch movies

This is something that your kid might already like and you won’t have to pressurize him for the same. You can hit the local theatres every now and then together, bond as a family, and there are always some good movies which teach you so much. There can be movies which your kid must have missed during his school days. You can find them on the internet, download, and relish along with popcorn with cold lemonade.

Board Games

You might feel that they are old fashioned, but believe me, they are great for spending some leisure time, learning the tricks of the trade, be competitive and of course to bond. Also, there is so much to learn from them. For example, scrabble helps you with your vocabulary and monopoly helps you teach how to handle your finances. And with time people have come up with so many other board games that has a lot of learning to offer, you could of course explore the local game store.


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