What to look for in a Private investigator in Los Angeles

What to look for in a Private investigator in Los Angeles

Private investigators are professionals that help their clients obtain important information. Most often, the information gathered by these private eyes is often used as strong evidence for court cases. There are lots of situations where clients ask private investigators for help. Relationship problems such as cheating, infidelity, hiding or misusing joint funds, etc. are typical cases.

Other cases, such as a missing person case, background checks, and insurance fraud checks, are all handled by private investigators. In the movies, people often see private investigators as arrogant and claim to be know-it-alls. People also see them as law officers as they carry a badge and a gun. The truth is, private investigators and police officers, don’t have a lot of things in common.

While some private investigators are former cops, there’s no requirement that a person should undertake any police training to become an investigator. The one sure thing is that private investigators often work hand in hand with police forces to help solve a case. So what should you look for when hiring a private investigator?

Do you look at his gun and ask for a badge? Would you base your decision on his appearance and physique? How about her former background? To help you with all your questions, here are some things to look for when hiring a private investigator:


It’s better if they’re in an agency

You’ll likely encounter private investigators who work alone or with assistants. Although these aren’t bad choices, it’s better if you opt for investigators who work for well-known agencies. Some of these agencies, such as Tristar Investigation have lots of contact information such as their website, tristarpi.com. These provide clients a much clearer picture of how they do their job.

A private investigator working under an agency is also a good sign that they’ll do well when they’re out in the field. Agencies are fully established companies with a lot of resources and connections at their disposal, which can help a private eye do his or her work properly.

And since they’re with an agency, you can be sure that the private investigator you’ll hire is a professional and does their job with ethics in mind. You wouldn’t want to work with a private eye who just barges in with everything they see. Having that kind of work can be used against you whenever you, your lawyers, and your private investigator present your case to the court.

Legit Business

Private investigations at the end of the day, are still businesses. As such, you should always look for a business and operating permits when hiring a private investigator. Private investigations are big jobs that sometimes need unconventional methods to become successful.

This is the reason why you need a legitimate assurance in business permits to get the job done. Since the best investigators are under agencies, having a business permit and license to operate is a sure-fire way of hiring a private investigator that’s proven and tested.

Background Check

A background check before hiring private investigators is also an excellent way to know their track record and reliability. You can politely ask for any past cases that were solved, ask for educational background, and knowledge with state laws. Private investigators won’t be offended by these types of questions because they see it as a chance to prove themselves to clients.

Although there’s no law about private investigators having a formal educational background about their profession, it pays to know that you’re hiring one with experience. Private eyes who are former cops and have extensive knowledge about state laws are perfect choices when you want to investigate something.

The Services they offer

As mentioned earlier, private investigators handle a lot of cases such as investigating an individual, locating stolen property, crime investigations, background checks, surveillance, etc. A private investigator might handle all of these cases, but some don’t.

Just like doctors, private investigators also have specializations. Always check to see if they’re particularly good with a problem you have. Most of the time, private investigators will also place their specialties alongside their name or business name in ads.

Knowledge of the area they’re in

Aside from their educational background and cases handled, you should also hire a private investigator who knows the area they’re working like “the back of their hand.” Being street smart is a good way for a private investigator to move forward with a case, especially if it’s a criminal case. A good feel for the people, the area, and the laws within their states qualify an excellent private investigator.


If you want to hire a private investigator, you should go to an agency. Although solo private investigators can still get the job done, those working with agencies have lots of resources and connections that can help solve a case faster.

It’s also good if you work with a private investigator who’s knowledgeable about the case you want to solve. Combine that with experience as a former cop and reliable street smarts. You can be sure that you’re working with a legit, experienced, and professional private investigator.


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