Mystical Poetry in Kriya Yoga

Anyone who practices Kriya Yoga in earnest knows that, in order to truly achieve the peace and abundance made possible by this form of meditation, one must commit to more than the yoga itself—the practice must seep into every part of the practitioner’s life.

The ultimate aim of Kriya Yoga is to help practitioners unlock a sense of purpose, peace, and abundance within their lives by achieving the four great aims laid out in The Vedas. Specifically, achieving dharma is fundamental to a successful Kriya Yoga practice.

Mystical poetry can be used as a tool to help a person further delve into their Kriya Yoga practice. To understand precisely how spiritual poems provide this function, it is useful first to understand the concept of dharma fully.

The Aim of Dharma in Kriya Yoga

Simply put, dharma is achieved when a person reaches a level of harmony between themselves and the rest of the universe. When they learn to value the wellbeing of all other creatures, find their purpose in this lifetime, and achieve a subsequent level of peace, then a practitioner of Kriya Yoga has reached the goal they set out to tackle.

The wonderful thing about dharma is that it requires no external change in circumstance—all the tools a person needs to experience the peace and abundance of dharma exist within them already; Kriya Yoga is merely a means of unlocking those tools.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for a person to find their way to dharma. After all, that’s why Kriya Yoga is a practice—it takes a concerted effort. Mystical poetry happens to be one of the most powerful ways a person can truly grasp the principles laid out by that practice for them.

Literature is (and always has been) one of the best ways to connect with a person’s innermost self. Reading is a solitary, silent practice which inherently inspires reflection and personal connection. Spiritual poems serve as a sort of guiding light, illuminating the path of Kriya Yoga for practitioners who feel yet uncertain.

Spiritual Poems to Enhance the Practice

The old adage says that the pen is mightier than the sword; that is certainly true when it comes to Kriya Yoga. Sometimes a poignant turn of phrase is precisely what it takes to make a concept

click in a person’s mind; mystical poetry is often instrumental in expressing the nature of Kriya Yoga that is so difficult to put into words.

Moreover, spiritual poems can become important as a sort of mantras for those still in pursuit of dharma. At moments when the practice of Kriya Yoga feels especially difficult, a spiritual poem may appear to the practitioner and help guide them back to the proper path.

Words have far more power than many people realize. Knowing that dharma is achievable through only the tools that already exist within a person, and that literature is such a personally meaningful experience, it stands to reason that mystical poetry would have such a profound impact on the practice of Kriya Yoga.

The right spiritual poems can enhance a number of aspects of Kriya Yoga. Whether a practitioner starting out needs help understanding the essential thesis of dharma or a veteran of the practice simply enjoys reading written expressions of the light and joy provided by Kriya Yoga, it’s clear that mystical poetry is a valuable aspect of this practice.


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