Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects men of any age and can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. For some, it is related to a health condition or certain types of medication, while for others it can be a result of relationship problems or other emotional issues. It can also be influenced by smoking, drugs, or alcohol. While erectile dysfunction can cause embarrassment or insecurity, it is a very common problem, and there are natural ways to treat it that could help get things back on track.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Simply put, it is when a man struggles to achieve or maintain an erection. Men commonly experience either the loss of sexual desire, difficulty in getting an erection, or trouble keeping an erection, or a combination of these problems.

What are the causes?

  • Some types of medication
  • Certain health conditions
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Circulation problems
  • Obesity

How to treat erectile dysfunction

If ignored, it can lead to long-term complications such as anxiety or relationship problems, but there are some simple measures to take that could make a real difference to this condition. While medications and treatments are available, there are also various natural ways to make improvements. Here are some of the best ways to treat ED naturally.

Panax ginseng

Studies show that drinking red ginseng can be an effective way to treat the problem. Ginsenosides, present in this herb, work at a cellular level to improve erection, and it is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, as well as its ability to improve lung function and blood flow. It can be made into a red ginseng tea.


This has mixed results according to studies, but it has been shown to help some people, so it could be worth a try. It has proved particularly effective as a way to counteract the side effects of some medication taken for depression, which can be a common cause of low sexual desire. It is important to choose a licensed acupuncturist, who will normally talk through the situation with you before beginning the treatment.


This, along with other lifestyle changes, can make a big difference. Regular exercise improves overall health, and especially relevant for ED, it can increase blood flow and improve blood pressure. Try to make it a part of your routine and you should start to feel all kinds of overall health benefits. Along with getting more sleep and an improved diet, exercise can help your general health improve, too.

Meditation for stress relief

Because ED often has psychological causes, it is important to think about how to improve stress and anxiety levels. Meditation is one excellent approach to treating these issues. There are courses online or in person, books, and podcasts to help meditate to relieve stress, or just try taking a moment out of your busy day to be truly present – stop for a moment to focus on your breath, and think of a favorite view, or picture the ocean. Even these kind of brief exercises can really start to help your mind relax and feel less stressed.

Quitting smoking

For many this is an important remedy, and studies have shown that stopping cigarette smoking can improve ED in a considerable proportion of people. Smoking can cause vascular disease when the blood supply to the penis is restricted or blocked, and it can narrow important blood vessels. Talk to your doctor about options to help you quit smoking.

Limiting alcohol consumption

As a depressant, alcohol can cause long-term and temporary problems connected to erectile function. Excessive amounts of alcohol can limit the central nervous system which affects, in turn, the ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Consider cutting down on alcohol or quitting it altogether to improve performance.


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