Why Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Why Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

The dismissal of marriage, also known as divorce, is a legal process of terminating a marital union. Laws concerning divorce considerably vary in different nations around the world.

Divorce laws in most countries need an order from the court or any authority following a legal procedure to resolve issues such as :

  • Distribution of property
  • Custody of their child
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Child visitor access
  • Child support
  • Schedule for parenting
  • Division of their debts

Like with any other places in Canada, the divorce law in Ontario does not have much difference. Applying for divorce is a tedious and costly process. Therefore, a good divorce lawyer would be helpful.

Valid Reasons for Getting a Divorce

According to law, to apply for divorce, the couple should show that the marriage has failed to comply with any of these conditions. This also entails getting the services of a divorce lawyer Mississauga to help you with the processing of your case.

  • The couple should have been living separately for a year and believe that the marriage has broken down.
  • An act of adultery was committed, and forgiveness has not been granted.
  • The spouse has determined adultery and not forgiven their significant other
  • Mental and physical abuse from your spouse, such that living together is intolerable.
  • Physical or mental cruelty that cohabitation is unbearable.


Applying for Divorce in Ontario

In case you decide to officially terminate your marriage through a court in Mississauga or any other court in Ontario, here are the three criteria to meet:

  • The couple is legally married in Canada or any other country
  • You have decided to separate from your spouse permanently and do not believe that getting back together is still possible
  • You and your spouse have resided at least 12 months in Ontario before applying for the divorce.

Whether you’ll be getting the available services of a divorce lawyer Mississauga, it helps to know the laws governing divorce in Ontario. The federal law that is specific to divorce matters is included in the Divorce Act.

Choosing a Lawyer

Getting the services of a competent lawyer has its advantages. If communicating with your spouse is difficult because of the wrong relationship, or if you need to protect your rights in the process, you would need an excellent lawyer to assist you.

You also need a lawyer to guide you through every step of the divorce process. It would be best to speak with a lawyer to discuss issues that may arise when you get a divorce. By talking to a lawyer, you may be able to come up with the best strategy to reach a favorable outcome.

Getting a divorce without a lawyer is also possible. It may be advantageous to both parties as it saves you money on the legal costs. Applying for a divorce without the assistance of a lawyer could be better for those who were only married short-term and not many assets to settle or children.



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