New to the wine world? Choose a good bottle of wine with these 5 tips

New to the wine world? Choose a good bottle of wine with these 5 tips

As a starter, choosing a good bottle of wine that complements your personality can be hard. From reds to whites, different brands of wine have flooded the market. It gets even more confusing at a glance as you don’t get to sniff out the assorted flavors before purchase. Here are different tips that will help you maneuver into the world of wines.

Discover what flavors you like

Wines have different flavors, just as foods are. Knowledge of your personality and what characteristics you like comes in handy while picking wine.

For instance, when you look at a restaurant’s menu, a specific dish catches your eye. That is how wines are. If you got a sweet tooth, sweet wine might work for you. On the other hand, if you are a strong black coffee lover, you may thrive on a more tannic wine, especially an Old-World Wine.

After discovering what wine flavors suit you, keep trying different brands, people rarely forget tastes. That way, you will be able to find your favorite varietals.

Start with a lighter-bodied wine

A semi-sweet or a rose wine is recommendable for a beginner. According to research, most beginners enjoy a rose or a sweet white.

A light-bodied wine is almost like water, a glass of full-bodied wine is thick and leaves coats when you swirl the glass while a medium-bodied wine is between the two.

As a starter, you can walk up to a wine’s store and ask for a light-bodied wine. But with time, preferences evolve, and you move towards other varieties.

Opt for organic wines

Organic wines are the best. Grapes that are grown and harvested using natural methods manufacture organic wines. They are all-natural, with no fertilization or chemical additives during farming. It is satisfying to know that what you are eating or drinking is not manipulated by chemical residue.

Your body is a replica of what you eat. Certified organic wines in Australia are arguably more natural, real, and healthy as compared to inorganic wines.

Study the bottle label

The label of a wine bottle lists the type of grape, the region of the vine harvesting, the year of harvesting, and alcohol content. On the back, you get the wine description.

Most brands use captions that are relatable like apple flavor, citrus flavor, sweet, fruity, etc. It will help you relate the wine to your taste.

Another label hack is memorizing the manufacturer. If you like wine from a particular importer, you will want a variety of their other wines.

What is the occasion?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are you drinking the wine by yourself for enjoyment?
  • Do you want to buy a crowd-pleaser?
  • Are you buying the wine to use as an ingredient for preparing a particular meal?
  • Are you pairing the wine with maybe dinner? e.g. a dessert wine
  • Is it for mixing with a cocktail?

Different types of wines suit on different occasions. Also, you can visit wine apps like ‘wine-searcher’ that help you see ratings and keep track of different wines.

Bottom Line

Understanding wine is gradual, and enjoyment is the ultimate goal. No wine choice is right or wrong. It all depends on your preferences and what variety makes you tick.


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