Planning a trip from Mumbai to Goa by cruise? Here's a guide to keep you covered

Planning a trip from Mumbai to Goa by cruise? Here’s a guide to keep you covered

Mumbai to Goa trip is on the wishlist of many people irrespective of their age. It is considered as one of the most awaiting journeys every person wants to experience at least once in his life, with family or friends. Now, with the Mumbai to Goa cruise being on their active route, it is high time for those who are still planning a visit to the most chilled-out beaches in India. Mumbai to Goa cruise is among the finest choice that you can make to travel. And in that, Angriya cruise is one such of its kind, designed specifically to win hearts of the traveler, by providing them world-class comfort, luxuriously built interiors, good food, music, and fun.

Angriya is a Mumbai to Goa cruise that was started in 2018 and is said to make four trips a week from Mumbai to Goa and vice versa. It can accommodate around 350 passengers on a single go and operates on alternate days. With great affordability and a range of services, it aims at providing travelers and tourists with the best experiences of voyaging from Mumbai to Goa.

With Angriya, experiencing luxurious tour is now made affordably. Source: Tripoto

So, while you are ready to go and fulfill your long-lasting wish, here are a few guidelines to make sure you are not troubled. Just go through the guide below-


Why cruise for your journey?

With the advancement of technology, India is also getting better with its big project planning. The aim is to meet a pollution-free journey, with the help of which people can reach the sunshine state of the country using waterways. This was finally accomplished in the year 2018 with the help of the Angriya cruise ship.

What’s on the brighter side?

Arrangement of the trip matters a lot and no other means is going to be better than exploring your way through the cruises. Despite being a 7-hour journey, it would not fail to keep you occupied with the serene and scenic beauty. Also, within the journey, you will have two stops at Ratnagiri port and Malvan port. And as mentioned earlier, Angriya Mumbai to Goa cruise accommodates 350 passengers on a single trip. So, be sure that you would not feel the bulk of the population on your journey.

Interior to leave you wowed

With the Angriya cruise, nothing can be more satisfying than the interiors which are designed to give your sight the perfect scene it had been looking for. The ship features eight different types of restaurants that can deal profoundly with your food habits, a coffee shop that goes 24*7, a recreation room, a lounge, and a swimming pool. Notably, one can also book a restaurant for organizing a wedding ceremony or any other occasion on the cruise.

Affordability and service are on your side!

Mumbai to Goa cruise journey will be the most luxurious trip that you can ever experience. Moreover, if you think that this is going to burn your pocket, then you are much closer to be wrong. It allows you to book your journey according to your budget. The options include a couple or sharing rooms, dorms, etc.

Besides, you will have room services, buffet meals, brunch, drinks, spa and much more. Among the fun activities, you can get the experience of diving into the swimming pool. Of course, it would be considered as a small adventure while your dream adventure awaits at the Konkan coastline, one of the excellent scenes to capture. The pool of services includes ship guides as well, who will escort you through the adventure describing some of the historical facts relevant to the region.

Plan your trip anytime

People get the privilege to plan their trip anytime round the year, except for monsoon. This is an amazing step taken to avoid any catastrophe to take place. Except for this duration, one can plan their trip without a second thought.

Timing of cruise

Mumbai to Goa cruise departs from its port at 5 pm and reaches Goa at 9 am. The timing is suitable for anyone who wishes to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. It returns to Mumbai on alternate days.

Ever since the launch of Mumbai to Goa cruise, the place has seen a notably high rise in the tourism industry. Notably, Goa is always on the priority list of most travelers, both Indian and the ones from abroad, waterway facilitates their eager even more. Also, the journey of Mumbai to Goa cruise offers the best views among other means of transports. The picturesque will certainly leave one to plan another.

On the other hand, the Angriya cruise is designed in the most creative and ravishing way in order to give the passengers the best experience of their life. Not a single fault would be there when you travel through it. So, when you visit Mumbai with a further plan of exploring Goa, make sure to book the cruise and you will feel you have started right away!


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