How to Politely Turn Down A Man Who Asks You Out

How to Politely Turn Down A Man Who Asks You Out

Saying ‘no’ to someone can be extremely difficult. This may be because of a guilty conscience that arises when we say ‘no,’ especially to someone we think is a good person. Nevertheless, the following tips will be useful when you want to turn down someone without getting a very sad feeling afterwards.

Don’t use indirect ways

When giving your answer, do not beat around the bush. Try being very open and honest about your decision, and preferably do it in person. Telling him in person can help with the way he takes the news.

Don’t be hurtful

Bear in mind that men are also human beings, and they have feelings. If you plan on telling a guy ‘no.’ Make sure you don’t do it in a hurtful manner, don’t use his looks or character as an excuse to turn him down. By doing so, you will come off as rude and disrespectful. If you plan on rejecting his offer, do it respectfully. Keep a calm approach and stay positive.

Show gratitude

Another way to turn down a man who wants to take you out is by thanking him first then politely declining his invite. By doing this, the man will not feel offended and may end up respecting your decision, because of gratitude. If you are not interested in them, this would be a good time to tell them as well.


Keep it simple and casual

Respectfully saying ‘no’ can be helpful as well. Most times, a simple ‘no’ is more than enough and better than making up an excuse. If you feel like you want to go out with the guy, you can always ask him to keep it friendly and go out as friends. By having him in the friend zone, you can go out together and avoid the inconvenience of totally turning him down.

Write to him

If you find it hard to tell him in person, try writing to him. Write a friendly message that accurately outlines your reasons for rejecting his offer. However, you decide whether or not to share your reasons for your answer. Also be apologetic in your message, this will help deliver the point. This method may be impolite, but it can work.

Excuse yourself

If you do not want to spend time explaining yourself to the guy, try using your schedule as a reason not to go out. Telling someone that you are busy and have no time for relationships can help you get out of this situation. However, I don’t think that this is a polite or respectful way to say ‘no’ because the guy may still ask you out later on.

Do not feel guilty

Most women feel bad after rejecting someone, yet there’s no point in being sad. Even if you say ‘no,’ maintain positivity and keep calm. Trust yourself and the decision you make.


Usually, I would encourage you to use the first four options if you are looking for a polite way to turn down a date proposal. Nonetheless, if you don’t feel like spending too much time on the issue, any of the remaining options are sure to work, but do remember you may end up hurting someone’s feelings.



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