A Quick Guide to Buying the 18 Things You Must Have for College

A Quick Guide to Buying the 18 Things You Must Have for College

If you think that books, a few pens, and paper will be all that you need for your college life, think again. You not only have to take responsibility for your studies in college, but you’ll be in charge of your life too.

We hope we didn’t demotivate the aspiring freshmen, but do be strategic about college life. There are many things out there you need to get to make your college life a lot easier.

In this article, we will give a brief overview of 18 of these must-have things. We all talk about the necessities and features of each of those items to help you make the best shopping decisions before attending college.



For college students, backpacks are an absolute necessity. Whether it be for carrying your books or your laptop, backpacks come in handy for carrying so many things. Before purchasing, make sure your backpack has adequate space to carry your belongings.

If you are carrying a laptop, your backpack should ideally have some protective padding. Overall, the backpack should feel comfortable on your back.


When it comes to laptops, there are tons of options to choose from. Unless you’re running high-performance design software packages like Adobe Creative Cloud or AutoCAD, you won’t need very high specifications. Do lookout for a few things though-good battery life, a good CPU, and overall portability.

Coffee Maker

As a college student, coffee will come in handy during long nights of studying. A coffee maker is your best bet to make a nice cup of coffee while preserving the flavors. A coffee maker works by using a plunger to press the grounded coffee mixed with hot water. This is a way more authentic option compared to instant coffee powder.


These are must-have for those of our readers majoring in subjects like mathematics or finance. It’s wise to choose an advanced model like the TI-89 graphing calculator. We suggest comparing the TI 89 with the other models to find the one best suited for your needs.


Working out in the college gym? Need concentration while studying? Listening to some good music with a pair of good quality headphones will definitely help you out in these situations. There are wireless options that are a bit more expensive, but you won’t have to worry about the wires tangling.

Good Quality Shoes

You should consider buying different types of shoes for your college life- formal, sports, and lifestyle. There will be a lot of time you’ll be on the run in your college life, and you do need good shoes for that. Invest a bit in this- especially for sports shoes. Good running and workout shoes will help you prevent injuries during exercising.


Tablets are really convenient compared to notebooks; you can do a lot of stuff with a tablet. You can read e-books or draw some creative doodles- the possibilities are endless with what you can do with a tablet. If you’re not that tight on the budget, do consider getting yourself one.

Streaming Service

There are multiple streaming services these days with hugely popular shows and movies. The subscription plans on these platforms are pretty convenient and cheap too. You can try subscribing to one of these plans to make the best out of your leisure time in your dorm.

String Lights

These lights are great for decorating your room to give you a serene view when you’re lying on your bed with the fluorescent bulbs turned off. Plus, they are great for using on occasions like Christmas. String lights improve the overall look of your room.

Portable Charger

Avoid the hassle of long cables, and get yourself a good portable charger. There are many options to choose from. But we recommend you to get one that can charge all your devices- laptop, phone, tablet.

Water Bottle

Getting a modest-sized reusable water bottle is a good idea for staying hydrated throughout your typical college. Instead of using disposable water bottles, use a good quality reusable container. You will have fewer opportunities to spill if you use one.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are more popular than ever. With many built-in features, fitness trackers can be connected with your smartphone for more functionalities. Do get one that looks great on your wrist and feels comfortable on it too. And always take a good look at the reviews before making the purchase- there are many cheap, low-quality products out there.

Disposable Cups

These plastic cups are so necessary when it comes to drinking your favorite beverage, for gurgling, and for many other uses. There are many brands that offer recyclable and reusable cups at a great price. These are also sold in packs of a thousand pieces each, so it’s wise to buy a pack at a time.


Flip-flops are a must-have when you have to share the bathroom with others. Remember, a good pair of flip-flops will have good cushioning. This will prevent injuries and will also save from accidents like slipping on the bathroom floor.


Portable fans are great for keeping it cool during the hot nights. HVAC systems in the dorms are not of very good quality. A good portable fan can be adjusted at multiple speeds and will last for quite long.

A bonus: the noise from the fan will block any unwanted noise from outside your room.

Cable Ties

Did you know that there are ties to keep the clutter out of your devices’ cables? Nobody likes clutter in cables. A good Velcro cable tie will help in keeping your table organized.

You can use these ties for other purposes too, like keeping a bundle of cash in order. These ties aren’t very expensive; they cost around $7.


If you need to get to a place in time, riding a bike is an awesome, environment-friendly option that you can choose. Bikes are great for getting a good cardio workout. There are road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes.

Based on your needs, you might want to try the adventurous feel of mountain bikes outdoors, or you can embark on a long road journey with your road bike on the weekend.

Mini Robot Vacuum

Mini robot vacuums automatically clean up small messes in your room. Having one in your dorm room is like keeping a pet too! These useful little bots can be bought as cheap as $15.


If you’re tight on budget, consider buying items that you’d need the most. Always compare prices and features among different brands to make a better buying decision. Sometimes, it’s best to buy less fancy products with more durability.


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