Reasons You Should Move to Singapore

Reasons You Should Move to Singapore

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in any country in the world. If you decide to move abroad, there are compromises that will have to be made. In most cases, it won’t be much of a big deal because you’ll not even notice the cons. You might be thinking of permanently moving to Singapore but you’re not sure if it is the right decision. There are so many reasons why you should be moving to Singapore and we’re going to highlight some of the safe.

Clean and Safe Country

Singapore has been ranked as one of the safest countries to live in the whole world. It is also one of the cleanest countries that you’ll ever visit. As much as a police officer can’t immediately punish you for tossing gum on the street, you can expect heavy fines when you’re discovered. It is such a kind of measure that keeps everyone to be mindful about disposing of litter. The people of Singapore have been raised to follow the rules and obedience is something that comes naturally to them. When you live in Singapore for a while, don’t be surprised when you start taking some of their behaviors which is not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things.

Best Schools

Singapore has some of the best schools even by international standards. You’ll be spoiled for choice when searching for a school for your kids. There are schools such as Stamford American International School Singapore that are known for excellence and diversity. You just have to make sure that you’re doing research so that the school you choose is the right one for your kids.

Nice Weather

One of the good things about living in Singapore is that the weather is relatively the same throughout the year. Winter can be brutal in some parts of the United States. It would be nice to move somewhere you experience sunny weather for the most part of the year. You’ll never have to plan for outdoor activities to coincide with summer. If you enjoy staying outside, Singapore is one of the best countries that you should consider moving to.


It is sporadic to find multi-cultural groups in Asian societies, but Singapore is an exception. It is always a great feeling when you find people from around the world, living in perfect harmony. In Singapore, you’ll see Hindu temples next to Christian chapels. There are no restrictions on the culture or religion you can follow. In fact, the world country celebrates major cultural holidays such as Christmas and Diwali.

Get the Best Food

It is only in Singapore where you get to sample continental dishes. There is a common notion about Singaporeans. It is believed that they only have two pastimes: shopping and eating. The two go hand in hand and there is no way it would have been possible without having good food in the first place. There is a robust food culture because of the locals’ love for different delicacies. The great thing about the food is that it is affordable. You might find yourself going for months without cooking yet still getting the best food at amazingly low rates.

Low Tax Rates

Singapore has some of the lowest tax rates when compared to developed nations. It is capped at 15%. If you’re on short-term employment, you’re not expected to pay any tax at all. There are people like Eduardo Saverin, a Facebook co-founder who gave up his American citizenship to permanently move to Singapore. Once you’ve made the decision, there is always no turning back. It will be a lot easier to be a millionaire in Singapore since you won’t have to pay a lot of money from your income in taxes.

Robust Legal System

The legal system in Singapore has been touted to be one of the best in Asia. The judiciary has been at the forefront in ensuring that anti-corruption laws are strongly enforced. This provides the right environment for investors to do business without having to worry about corruption or dealing with deviant individuals.

High-Quality Workforce

It is estimated that the literacy levels in Singapore are at 90%. This makes it one of the highest in the world by a big margin. It has been recognized as the capital of global talent and could be a great place to settle if you’re looking to start a business. You just have to go through the stringent requirements needed to obtain a work visa.


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