Are there any risks associated with untreated ADHD

Are there any risks associated with untreated ADHD?

Once you have been detected with ADHD pregnancy an advice is to seek treatment on an immediate basis. Both a mother and a child can be diagnosed with ADHD, but diagnosis has not been done, and the opinion of the doctor is necessary for treatment. If you ignore ADHD it can go on to pose problems in life. People who are affected by this disorder are impulsive and are known to possess less attention span. This means that at school or even at the workplace premises they are not able to concentrate for long periods of time.

During childhood

Children who are detected with ADHD are known to face problems at home and even in school. As this makes it really difficult for a child to pay attention in class, if ADHD is untreated a child may not learn everything that is being taught. They are likely to fall behind or obtain poor grades. Even such kids would find it really difficult to be controlling their emotions. This could go on to cause a lot of social problems to them. They are not going to share their things with others and even not be aware on how to react in certain situations. Without proper treatment they would find it really difficult to be making friends. This could make it really difficult for them as kids with untreated ADHD are more likely to be victims of depression.


The worst part is that kids with ADHD could be more impulsive in nature, pointing to the fact that they might be hurt a lot. A research points to the fact that younger people who are suffering from ADHD needs more visits to the emergency room than in normal cases.

In the teen stages

If ADHD has not been addressed till date, for teens that have gone on to complete their school, as they are not able to catch up, poor grades are well on its way. Even though kids might have gone on to complete their elementary school better, but at the higher levels they would finding it a nightmare to cope up.

For kids who have untreated ADHD they could even struggle in their relationships. They are not going to have a lot of friends and may lag behind in the dating domain. Even with parents they are going to face problems in getting along. If you do not treat ADHD they can lead to a host of problems in the future like drinking, smoking or be in the form of risky sexual choices.

For girls who are known to have untreated ADHD, eating disorders seem to be a lot common. The problems may arise due to low self-esteem and even issues of depression can come up. Once they become old and are in a position to obtain a driver’s license then things really get out of control. The chances of accidents increase considerably than the peers. So untreated ADHD during pregnancy needs to be dealt at the naïve stage before it becomes serious.


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