Rummy Tricks You Must Know

Rummy Tricks You Must Know

One of the most fun card games definitely has to be rummy. Why, you ask? Because once you familiarize yourself with the rules, you can spend hours with your friends and family playing this game and you never get bored. In rummy, unlike blackjack or poker, you don’t have to calculate too much. However, that being said, knowing a few tricks will ensure that you are on top of your game. What are some of the best rummy tricks you must know? Take a look.

First Concentrate On Pure Sequence 

Without a pure sequence, you will lose the game and your points will go up, which you don’t want. In rummy, the one with the lowest score is always the winner. Therefore, once your hand is dealt, look if you already have a pure sequence that you can use. If not, that should be your first goal. But, always avoid hanging on to cards that you know are hard to get. For instance, you have an ace and two spades, but three is the joker, you must know that hanging on to those cards to gather a pure sequence will be difficult as no one is going to throw away their jokers.

Always Keep An Eye On Opponent’s Cards 

One of the most important tips when it comes to rummy is definitely keeping an eye out on your opponent’s cards. Always see what cards they discard, why? Because you know those cards are gone, so you will stop waiting for it for your pure sequence. Also, when you keep looking at what your opponent throws away, you know which card they might need, securing your spot in the game. So, make a mental note of what’s happening around you.

Throw Away High Point Cards 

Discard high point cards after one point. Maybe, stick with them for a round or two. But, if you see your opponents throwing away the cards you need then make sure you throw away your high point cards like hot potatoes because they will only raise your scores and that is not at all good for your game. If you think you can use those high point cards for sets then keep them, but only if you have a pure sequence in order. Otherwise, let it go.

Always Arrange Your Cards First 

Rummy game is played with 13 cards. So, if you don’t arrange your cards properly first, things can get confusing very fast. That should always be your first step. Once you have your cards in order only then must you proceed. Arrange it accordingly. For instance, you can keep the jokers in your left corner and the cards you want to discard can be on the right. This way, you won’t throw away your joker or any other card by mistake. Also, arrange your sets only if you have a pure sequence, otherwise, place it on your right. The high point cards should be on the extreme right and then ascend from there.

Be Familiar With Sequence Pattern 

A pure sequence or the one with a joker can have up to 4 cards. So, don’t think a 3-card sequence is a limit. You can have four cards but do it only if it helps your game. Also, in some games, the rules require you to have a 4-card sequence. So, familiarize yourself with the rules and go ahead from there.

Middle Cards Are Important 

Don’t throw away your middle cards in a hurry. They can help you form the combinations better. For instance, let’s say you have an 8. Now, it is easier to go with 7 and 9 or 6 and 7 or 5 and 6. So, use your middle cards wisely.

Jokers Are Very Important 

You need jokers to win the rummy. Yes, it is possible to win your game without them. But having jokers in hand only enhances your chances of winning. Now, remember, jokers cannot help you if you don’t have a pure sequence. But never throw away your jokers. Even if jokers are of high numbers, their count is nil. So, the more the jokers, the better the game. You can easily use jokers with sets, sequences, but not London. London is a pure sequence with the same number and symbol. For instance, three cards of 6 of spades will make a London. Also, in the rummy game, apart from a pure sequence, you will also need a second sequence. So, you can use your joker with your second sequence.

Finally remember, you cannot simply put your jokers together to form a sequence. You must use your joker with two other sequence cards to make an impure sequence.

Don’t Get Confused With The Colours

While arranging your cards, make sure you do them in a red-black-red-black manner. This helps avoid any confusion.

Discard Idle Cards 

In the game, always keep an eye for the idle cards. For instance, you have a 4, but despite multiple rounds, you see it is sitting idle. Now, see if you can fit it into a set. But even if that doesn’t happen and you have discarded your high point cards then discard the idle ones.

Don’t Throw Away Half Londons or Tunnelas

As explained earlier, London or Tunnela is when you have three cards with the same number and symbol. Now sometimes it so happens that you are dealt with two cards of the same number and symbol. Generally, it is believed that your opponent might need those cards. So, hold on to it longer. Keep an eye out for the cards they discard. Once you see that they might no longer need it, only then must you throw them away.

So, the next time you play rummy, remember to make use of these tips and tricks as they will surely come in handy.


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