Is Your Sales Team Getting All It Can From Sales Territory Mapping?

Is Your Sales Team Getting All It Can From Sales Territory Mapping?


Starting a business is not that easy to do. How much more in managing and expanding it? There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done without going beyond your capital amount and not compromising the quality of your products or services and managing your sales representatives.

That is why a lot of business owners are using Sales Territory Mapping because it can make your sales force work easy, accurate, and time-saving. However, have you already evaluated the performance and effectivity of your sales territory mapping? Is your sales team getting all it can from using this strategy? You can learn more about territory mapping and the benefits that you and your sales team should be getting.


What Is Sales Territory Mapping?

The ultimate goal of sales territory mapping is to identify the geographical areas where your salespeople can operate and make revenue. By using sales territory mapping software such as AlignMix, your salespeople’s time spent to market will be optimized, and they will be designated to salable areas only where they can gain profit.

You can also record your current customers and assigned each sales representative to each customer.

Evaluate Your Sales Territory Mapping And Find Out If Your Sales Team Are Getting these Benefits

Measured Performance

Imagine how tiring it can be to manually collect all the sales demographics and analyzing them one by one. Mapping software can do that job for you. You only need to import all the data from your spreadsheet. The software can read every single data needed even the isolated sales.

Your salespeople can always submit reports whenever they need it. In that way, they can analyze these submitted data to understand how their performance is going so far. They will also know what are the parameters that they need to improve. This is not only applicable to your sales representatives. You can also share it with you or to their managers and colleagues. Look at how you can improve the transparency of your business.

Getting High Revenue

If you want to boost your sales every month. You have to make sure that your sales representatives are maximizing their time to sell. Your mapping software should help you to balance the distribution of areas where they can get profit. In that way, you can give each of your salespeople more opportunities to sell.

It will motivate your people to work harder because they feel valued. When you are using mapping software, optimizing your employee’s routes will be easier to do. It will be less hassle for them to travel and less cost for you and more sales opportunities for everyone.

Transparent Data Analyzation

With the use of mapping software, you can see every detailed information. The software will allow you to control each area so you can go deep and find every single information from your salespeople’s performance from their sales for each area up to their efficiency.

Clearly Identified Routes

Identifying sales territories is vital to work. Therefore it should be done accurately. Mapping software can help you identify areas that you can gain more sales and mark it as your sales territories. You can equally designate them to each area. It will be easier for your salespeople to see their assigned route without confusion. It will avoid unclear liquidation of sales. You can also identify who is not getting revenues and do not work efficiently.

Tight Relationship With Your Sales Representatives

Sales territory mapping can boost collaboration with your salespeople and managers. Especially for those employees that work remotely. Nowadays, this is no longer a problem because the software can easily make you connected with your members in real-time by their territories. Therefore no matter where they are, you can easily reach out to them. It will also help you to know if they are working or not. Somehow, you will see that they are doing the work that they should be doing.

Save Time

In business, every single second is significant! That one second is a possible opportunity that your salespeople can gain revenue. What they can profit is a plus to you. Therefore help your salespeople to maximize their time. With the use of sales mapping software, they can quickly know the salable areas where they can surely gain profit. No wasted time and effort.


As the world changes, the needs are also changing. Therefore you have to adapt to the changes. Use software and sales strategies such as sales territory mapping to maximize the efficiency of your business. If you want to have more sales, open your mind to learn more ways to earn. Do not limit your capacity and do not rely on your own. Broaden your area of learning and enjoy all the benefits you can get out of it.


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