Setting up your Business Social Media Pages–3 Best Platforms [List]

Setting up your Business Social Media Pages–3 Best Platforms [List]

What makes a business successful? Ask a 2nd grader and they’ll tell “ Customers “. Depending upon the type of business you run, the word “ Customer “ might not come in handy at times. The right term is “exposure”. The more your business is exposed for the people, the more its going to work it out for you and that is exactly why you should be quite serious for setting up your business social media pages.

While the exposure is something really important for the survival and growth of the business model, let it be known for better – Every business owner is in pursuit of more and more exposure since it’s about the survival of the business and the business owner itself.

With so much competition out there, how do you plan to stand out?. While there could be a million ways to do so but digital marketing is no slouch. Infact the digital marketing has become the number one tool for business growth. The number one component of digital marketing ? You got it, It’s about setting up your business social media pages.

How to set up social media accounts for a business? Well it can be a real difficult task. The good part is we’ve done the work for you and now it’s super convenient for setting up your business social media pages. Here is the list of social media platforms you should be using for your business.

Social media for small business owners to MNC’s

    1. Facebook. If you think Facebook is losing it, then you’re wrong. To this date, Facebook is by far the greatest social media platform out there and it’s got so much to offer that we can’t see any demise to it, it’s going to stay here atleast for some decades. With Facebook you can run advertisements in your target area, have promotions from the related pages and groups and altogether have a fanbase ready to hear some word from your business. Don’t miss out on opportunities.
    2. Youtube. There was a time in which “ Google “ was the number one website which was clicked most of the time around the globe but the recent survey conducted in 2018 shocked everyone. Google is no more the number one website, it’s“ Youtube “ now. People are all over the Youtube. If your business is not on Youtube, you’re missing too much. Although setting up your business social media pages on Youtube might appear a difficult idea but its going to be totally worth it. Not sure what kind of content to post on Youtube? Just post whatever your business is doing. People love the real business deals now, not the flashy fake things.
    3. Linkedin. While the other two mentioned above in this list are about customer attraction, Linkedin is different in this regard. Facebook and Youtube are good to let the other people know about your services or products but a business is much more than huge crowd of customers. It’s about making links and repute in the industry. The best place to find the eligible business mates is the Linkedin. With Linkedin you can spot on many great business entities just like you and can be in touch with them which will open new doors for growth. Linkedin is must for those thriving for growth in their business by creating business profiles with the help of professional LinkedIn profile writers.

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