Should You Use The Treadmill Or Run Outdoor

Should You Use The Treadmill Or Run Outdoor

Look it up on Google right now and you’ll find a lot of heated debates on treadmill running versus outdoor running.

Though running is one of the most-effective, dynamic exercises alive that anybody can pull off, deciding on whether to choose the gym or hit the street can be difficult.

And just so I don’t come out as another dictator, in this post, I will show you the benefits to each side of the coin so you can decide what is best for you.

Let’s get started. Pss… see this cool fitness center design.

Benefits Of Running On A Treadmill

  • You are in control; the best part about running on a treadmill is that you can tailor the machine to your needs. All treadmill comes with a built-in speed-setting computer that allows you to tweak the speed either up or down according to your pace. Suppose you were opting for a high-intensity training session, most treadmills have about 10-speed-level control that can be automated to self-start after your warming up session.
  • Less Potential Of Injuries; okay, running on a treadmill doesn’t mean you are completely safe from injuries. You should watch those Facebook treadmill-fails videos to see. Nevertheless, you are less likely to run into a pothole, fight hard avoiding running into an oncoming vehicle, end up tripping by the roadside.
  • All-weather-ready; there’s nothing more annoying than having someone or an occasion biting into your schedule or plan. Okay, Mr. Patrick of Sponge Bob, the cartoon series, is more than annoying. Here’s the point. You can always stick to your running session on the treadmill no matter the weather. This is unlike running outdoor. Right?
  • Just one running a set of running shoes; running outside demands that you invest in multiple running shoes. You’ll need a line that’s adaptive to the rainy season. You need another line that keeps you comfy and cool when the weather is hot. Enter the treadmill and you can run all-weather round in the same runners. And it’s not about the money saved alone. Having fewer shoes to maintain allows you the time to do other things that matter. By the way, fewer runner shoes translate to more storage space in your shoe rack. Yay!
  • Less Or Zero Joint Pains; on the road, you don’t determine the terrains. And running down and up uneven or rugged terrain can end you up with a lot of joint pains at the end of the day. But on the treadmill, you’re running on a gentle landing that offers soft cushioning.

Benefits Of Running Outside

  • Budget-wise; running outside is the most budget-friendly way to tap into all the health benefits that running offers. You don’t have to spend on a treadmill that ends up eating up space in your home. Likewise, if in the gym, you can finally put an end to that expensive gym membership card by running outside.
  • Freshness; there’s a big difference between the air you breathe outdoor and the indoor. The recirculated air from different gym members is not as healthy as the fresh air you breathe in running outside.
  • Add Fun; though not all but most gyms don’t allow members bringing in their pets. And the ones that do, 69% of them don’t allow pets on their treadmill. So here’s the catch. You and your doggies or cat or whatever pet you have can freely run together and share the love with no restrictions.
  • More Challenges; while running on the treadmill is directional, there are lots of curves to bend, many hurdles to hop over, and rugged terrains to get past on the road. And that’s just the fun of it.


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