Slideshow Creator Review: Where There Is Love There Is A Wedding Slideshow

Slideshow Creator Review: Where There Is Love There Is A Wedding Slideshow

If you are also isolated at home, like roughly 3 billion people all over the world, you might also find yourself with nothing to do pretty quickly. At first, you do all things that you have been putting off, but then the day comes when you feel frustrated and bored. One of the best ways to deal with this situation is self-education: read some books about your field of profession and get new knowledge on some things, learn a new language, or start coding – any new skill will make your resume stand out and occupy you during these lonely and, quite frankly, strange times. This article will help you to obtain a new exciting skill – you will learn how to create slideshows! Check out this website to give the Free Online Slideshow Creator a try.

I used the slideshow creator to make a wedding video to share these memories with my family and friends. In fact, the wedding was a year ago but I never had time to go through all the photos and videos to select the best ones and send them to the wedding guests as small memorabilia. And now I don’t have an excuse anymore to postpone it, so after the selection process, I have shortlisted about 20 pictures and two videos, which I am going to work with. Usually, you will have hundreds of pictures from your wedding day, so involve your husband in this project, he will help you select.

The photo slideshow creator has a bunch of pre-designed templates, including the ones for a wedding slideshow – romantic, tender and lovely. You can also preview every template to get an idea of how the end result would look like. Besides that, you can alter any template after choosing it: change transition effects, add more animation or remove some, add 3D captions and replace the background with a picture from the gallery or with your own photo.

Once you have chosen the template you like, add photos to the storyline at the bottom of your screen. But choose wisely – don’t make your video too long. Based on my experience, the perfect number of pictures is between 15 and 20 but the template will show the proper number for this particular slideshow. After you have dragged your pictures into the online slideshow creator, click on play and watch the video with your photos to decide whether or not you would like to change something. Is it too slow or too fast? Change the slide duration. Are there some transition effects that you don’t like? Replace them with another one from the big library.

Finish up your work with the perfect tune – something romantic and sentimental, something that makes you tear up with good memories. Maybe it is the song of your first dance or first kiss, maybe it’s just a song you both like, make sure it’s special for you and your husband. If you are out of ideas, use the extensive library of royalty-free songs in this slideshow creator with music.

Now it is time to share your work with your loved ones. You can save the video to your PC and send it to your friends or simply upload it to YouTube or Facebook in one click, but don’t forget to send the link to your friends. Besides that, this free slideshow creator allows you to burn your video to a CD or DVD.

Aside from being a great tool to boost your creativity and learn a new helpful skill, Free Online Slideshow Creator is completely free. Hopefully, it has enriched your evening and gave your family some quality time. Working together is a great way to get to know each other better and get closer.


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