Smarter Contact Product Review: How to Boost Your SMS Marketing

Smarter Contact Product Review: How to Boost Your SMS Marketing


SMS marketing has maintained its position for decades and is one of the most effective yet underestimated mobile marketing strategies. The average person opens incoming text messages within 3 minutes, while email only has a 21.33% open rate across all industries. In other words, more people are likely to open a text message compared to emails.

Okay, let’s get back to the brass tacks. As a savvy marketer, you understand the impact SMS marketing has. But with hundreds of SMS marketing services flooding the internet, how do you identify the right one? In this comprehensive product review, we will walk you through the review process using Smarter Contact as an example.

This review looks into Smarter Contact as the ultimate solution to SMS marketing tool to help you determine if it is really worth it. Be sure to make use of this evaluation approach in your research.

Smarter Contact Overview

Smarter Contact seems to be different from other SMS marketing tools in the industry, in a good way. The platform was built up from the ground up with the user in mind and has a very intuitive User Interface (UI) without cutting out advanced features. For Smarter Contact, the goal is to help businesses, both small and large, reap the benefits of text messaging marketing in the most simplified and budget-friendly way.

You can send personalized text messages to your leads, track communication, and manage the entire marketing campaign in a few simple clicks. The simple UI says it all, enabling fast, easy, and efficient communication.

Even better, the platform comes with additional features that make the complex and tedious traditional SMS marketing a thing of the past. With Smarter Contact, you can simply upload your contact list, create a customized message for your prospect(s), and hit send. Users can access other vital metrics within the app, such as delivery and response rate, automated follow-up, and more.

Smarter Contact: Main features

Come to think of it, talking to customers directly is an issue for hundreds of companies. Smarter Contact offers solutions for experts in a variety of fields, including marketing, staffing, lending, gym, automotive, real estate, and so much more. That being said, here are the Smarter Contact features that can help scale your business.

Near-precise skip tracing

Smarter Contact boasts having the industry’s most cutting-edge geolocation data gathering techniques and from our short time using it, it indeed lived up to the expectations. With remarkably high hit rates in skip tracing (number lookup), Smarter Contact users have a much better chance at reaching the right audience. To keep things neat, Smarter Contact also provides the latest phone data, organised according to mobile and landline information.

Built-In Messaging & CRM Tools

Perhaps one of the essential features that make Smarter Contact stand out is its built-in CRM tools. Most messaging apps only support a few features for basic communication. A text field, input, schedule time, calendar, and a send button. There is really no way to measure engagement, but with Smarter Contact, those days are finally over.

Automated SMS Delivery

Ordinary messaging apps have limited flexibility when it comes to marketing. You have to follow up manually with your leads, create messages, and send when appropriate with no actual say on what stage your current state your leads are in.

Smarter Contact allows users to customize marketing campaigns with pre-built messaging campaigns that deliver high ROI.

Other Features

  • Bulk messages
  • Message templates
  • Call forwarding
  • Duplicate filter
  • Advanced data merge
  • A phone verification tool
  • Daily backups
  • A calendar follow-up system
  • Ringless voicemail campaigns
  • Campaign scheduling and throttling
  • Text suppressions
  • Mobile text alerts
  • Multi-User interface

All that said, keep in mind that the features you get on Smarter Contact will vary depending on the package you have selected. Generally, the more you pay, the more advanced features you will get.

Smarter Contact Pros at A Glance

As a new groundbreaking tool in the SMS marketing landscape, Smarter Contact’s goal is to eliminate the complex processes involved when setting up an SMS campaign and make the process as easy as it can be. For starters, not all messaging applications offer advanced skip tracing the same way Smarter Contact does. The software applies advanced geo-location data gathering techniques to ensure that users contact the right leads at all times.

Here are the pros at a glance:

  • Advanced pro-features for your SMS campaigns
  • Simple UI (anyone can use Smarter Contact anywhere, anytime)
  • Flexible marketing parameters
  • Higher ROI returns (up to 50x)
  • Multi-user feature (supports multiple users in a company)
  • No commitments with the 7-day free trial

How to get the most out of Smarter Contact

Smarter Contact is one of the most advanced and easy to use tools in the SMS marketing industry. But do you know how to leverage it to its full potential? We’ll walk you through the process.

Setting up your account on Smarter Contact is no rocket science. Simply click the “Sign Up for Free” button on the menu bar or the “Start 7-day Trial” button on the homepage. The sign-up process is concise, all you need to do is provide a few details about your business, and voila, your account is ready. Although getting started with Smarter Contact is easy peasy, they also offer a free demo, where a Smart contact representative will walk you through the process.

Is Smarter Contact Really Worth It?

We can conclude that Smarter Contact is indeed a handy tool for companies investing in SMS marketing strategies. From contact management, bulk SMS, scheduled messaging, reporting & analytics to macros and canned responses, you can expect that your campaigns will no longer be as tedious as before.

The Final Verdict

Text messaging is the holy grail of mobile marketing. Although there are many SMS marketing tools out there, after using Smarter Contact, we are confident to say it’s an excellent option for all your SMS marketing needs.

Embark on a new exciting journey into SMS marketing with a trustworthy partner like Smarter Contact.


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