Spice Up Your Minimalist Home with Canvas Prints

Spice Up Your Minimalist Home with Canvas Prints

The minimalism movement has been gaining a lot of media attention and popularity. There’s an obsession with toned-down visuals, clean lines, and clutter-free spaces. The concept of minimalism goes hand-in-hand with sustainability and functionality, as it promotes owning only essentials and making good use of space to mask clutter. It results in a classic aesthetic that’s always on-trend.

However, going for a minimalist interior is challenging. It’s because blank walls and only necessary interior leave little room for self-expression. Inherently, you can only possess furniture and objects that add value to your space. Thus, you need to think about the composition of each room and what objects will bring functional pieces together.

There’s a strong sense of purpose in minimalism, but it doesn’t overlook the need for value. It means that you can own things that aren’t necessarily functional in a physical sense, but add value to your life mentally. For many, it’s in the form of trinkets or something that reminds them of a special memory. Photos are a great way to preserve moments, and there are many photo printing options available, but minimalist options include canvas prints Canada.

What are Canvas Prints?

Canvas prints are images printed onto a piece of canvas with archival ink. They are hand-stretched to mimic a canvas painting. They provide the benefit of a textured photo, as the cloth used in printing is often made of cotton or polyester, or by mixing both. They are usually coated with inkjet to ensure that the color adheres to the material.

Canvas prints offer versatility as they can be treated like a painting. While regular panels or wall-framed photos may look out of place on a table, canvas prints can be displayed anywhere and still look great. They’re perfect to tie-in minimalist spaces as they contribute to the form and overall composition of interiors.

Additionally, canvas prints are permanent, glare and reflection-free, lightweight, and come with different finishes. They’re long-lasting and can last over 200 years when you purchase one from a dedicated photo-printing store that sells high-quality canvas prints Canada.

Should I Get One?

Essentially, the answer is yes.

Photos are a great way to bring life to your walls while retaining the minimalism of your interiors. However, they can be challenging to deal with, as printing and framing can be stylistically limiting because they may not suit the theme of your home. Paintings are a beautiful alternative to dressing up your walls, but they can be expensive and less personalized. Canvas prints Canada are a great solution that acts as a common ground between photos and paintings.

You can print any photo or image that you want, and it can be displayed anywhere. For the design-conscious minimalists, this means that any canvas print would look good on your walls or any corner of your home. It retains the value-adding nature of minimal interior but can be freely moved around when needed.

There are various options for printing, including colored or photo-extended wrapping around the edges of the canvas. All that you need to remember is the aspect ratio of your photos. Some stores, like this, allow you to edit photos as you’re ordering.

How Much are They?

The price of canvas prints varies depending on size. However, they generally go up to about $26 for the smallest sizes and up to $255 for broader landscapes. It’s a low price to pay for a minimalist-friendly print that adds value to your home and will last hundreds of years.

Minimalist wall decorations will never be a problem again with canvas prints Canada. With these, you can enjoy the minimalistic setting of your home while being able to admire photos that you love.


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