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The higher the site position at the user’s request, the more likely the page to get the expected number of views. As a result, the user will get the most complete and relevant response to the request. It’s obvious that the first page of search results attracts more user attention. The first five positions are of increased attention of readers. Sites in these positions get a large share of search traffic, especially if the request is commercial, not informational.

To ensure that the site appears on the first page when searching, you should use – the best Google keyword rank checker. There are many services to monitor and report rankings. But not all of them have such great features as the most popular website keyword checker. Want to keep abreast of what is happening with your project on the Internet? How to do this? Find out how Google keyword ranking tool can help you in this.

What Tools Does the Rank Checker Offer to Use?

This keyword tracking tool is equipped with all three must-have features. Let’s list them and describe each one in detail.

  • SERP analysis

Analyze how the position of the site is changing at the request of users daily. Viewing such dynamics allows you to catch a positive or negative trend and understand what actions have led to the growth of positions, their decline, or stagnation. For example, a sales text appeared on the main page of an online store, reinforced with high-quality illustrations on the subject of the store, and user activity increased markedly. The search engine recounted click factors, and the page changed from twelfth to fifth. The result is even more traffic and higher activity. The search realized that the page was in demand – the mission was completed, the user was happy.

  • SERP checker

There is another very important function in this tracking tool – data analysis by region. Yandex and Google pay great attention to the inclusion of regionality in search results. By entering a geo-dependent query (related to a specific region, for example, “pizza” or “buy an iPhone in the UK”) in the search box, the user prefers to see answers from his/her region, rather than from other cities. Serps PageRank tool provides this opportunity.

Read, WHAT IS DA PA? – A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS supports all of the most popular search engines. It makes it possible to choose the depth of verification, i.e. how many positions per page you’d like to see.

  • Keyword grouping

The SEO tool allows not only to track site positions. The service offers a separate block of work with keywords. If the keywords are chosen incorrectly – oversupply, lack, wrong word, intentional manipulations with the text – the search system will not be able to correctly answer the user’s request. Use an accurate keyword finder provided here.

SpySERP Is the Tracker You Can Rely On

Good service for analyzing positions should primarily provide tools for working with search queries. After all, it all starts with requests. Users appreciate the opportunity not only to store semantics in the service but also the ability to select search queries from various sources. The reviewed software has all the must-have features for the smooth work. Monitoring positions of your site and the sites of competitors will help to stay afloat and achieve the goal – be among the top 5 site positions. Use a free trial period to check how it works on your own.


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