Stay Healthy- The French Way

Stay Healthy- The French Way

The French know the art to keep them in perfect shape. You can easily learn how to stay in good health in France without having to wear Lycra. There are some French rules which the world can learn from the nation to stay fit and slim, without spending hours in the gym and getting obsessed with burning excess fat. Check out some of the French health secrets to stay effortlessly fit.

1. The first rule is moderation

The first principle for French health and fitness is the art of moderation. Though it may not be a big thing for all but for some of us it is! Imagine not overeating any food or drink and never waking up the other morning hung over and obese. Imagine always finding time in your day for a leisure walk. Imagine eating anything you want in moderation. Well, it will bring you immense happiness and joy and not let you gain weight, ever!!!

So, the simple method for wellbeing in French is to practice moderation. It means eating three meals daily without snacking and making sure there is a striking balance of carbs, protein, and fat.

2. Exercise for enjoyment, but don’t punish yourself

A simple rule of life which transcends all life facets in the country and it is pleasure. If anything doesn’t give you pleasure, then quit it. If exercise doesn’t motivate you and gets too hard on your body, then French will do something else.

They will adopt sports like cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates or simple walking. Boot camps are present, but not everywhere. Even the moderation rule applies here too. You don’t have to go extremes and push yourself too hard. Make sure you do something which you really enjoy.

Keep moving

The French love to walk. They don’t avoid it. Whether it is about going to the local market or taking your kids to school, they love to walk their ways. And, this helps them in keeping the tally high, legs toned and metabolism all revved up.

You can also include some flights of stairs too. This is the reason why French manage to stay healthy and fit without going to the gym. They don’t starve but they take every opportunity to include exercise in their daily life.

Get abs via cuisine and not gym

French eat natural and unprocessed foods. It keeps them fuelled, satiated and gives them toned muscles. You can exercise, do strength training, but if you continue eating junk and carbs, then all your effort will go in vain. But, if you eat a good diet and follow a healthy regime, then you will definitely have a toned body and this is what the French people do

Healthy relaxation is very important

French listen to their bodies. They know the right time to stop eating and when to relax, unwind and get easy. They love to enjoy vacations and unwind with a leisure event like camping or hiking or choose proactive relaxation such as sauna or massage. Relaxing is all about bringing balance to life and work. So don’t be scared and take your time off and give your mind and body some ease.

Right access to health professionals

Yes, they have highly trained and skilled medical professionals to help them. Whether it is about a healthcare diet or regime or about meeting a medical emergency, the French healthcare is popular across the world. If you ever meet a medical emergency, then Geo Allo Medecin Garde is your one-stop solution. The platform provides you immediate help with the doctor on call by tracking your geo location all over France. So, contact them for any medical help and get immediate attention.


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