Stay at a Hotel Near the MRT in Bangkok

Stay at a Hotel Near the MRT in Bangkok


The capital city of Thailand now has a total of four public transportation systems that make staying at a hotel near the MRT in Bangkok so worthwhile.

The rapid transit rail systems in the city are the MRT, BTS Skytrain, and the Airport Rail Link. The older water taxis on the Chao Phrya River completes the four transport systems that every visitor to the city should learn about and take advantage of in getting around Bangkok quickly and easily.

All of these systems are interconnected and offer easy transfer points to one another. By using these four transit systems, you can leave your hotel near the MRT in Bangkok and spend the day seeing the sights around the city, without ever having to spend a minute in the traffic jams, for which Bangkok is well-known to have throughout the day.

Imagine flying into Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and being able to check into your hotel near the MRT in Bangkok without having to brave rush hour traffic. You’ll be stretched out beside the pool with a cold drink in your hand while other travelers are still lined up waiting to get a taxi in from the airport.

Transit Routes

The MRT currently has one route that circles the city and another route that branches off and serves the north-western area of Bangkok. But several new additions under construction will make it the most popular transit system in the city once the system is complete.

The BTS Skytrain connects with the MRT at three points along their routes. Mo Chit, Siam and Asok stations provide the transfer points between these two systems.

The BTS Skytrain has two lines, the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line. The Sukhumvit Line runs down from Mo Chit, turns left and proceeds to run down the length of the Sukhumvit Road shopping district and well into the residential areas.

The BTS Silom Line runs from Siam Station down along Silom road and then down Sathorn Road. It crosses the Chao Phrya River and proceeds into the residential areas across the river.

Access to the water taxis on the river is easy. Simply get off the BTS Skytrain at Saphan Taksin Station. Walk down the stairs, and you’ll find yourself at Sathorn Pier, where the water taxis stop.

The water taxis offer a special, all-day fare to sightseeing tourists. By purchasing this all-day ticket, you’ll have the option of hopping on and off the water taxis at all the stops up and down the river. It’s a fun way to see the sights along the river.

Hotel Location

The convenience of these transit systems makes finding a hotel near the MRT in Bangkok, a must for both business and pleasure travelers to the city.

With more and more additions to the MRT system under construction, the hotel options for travelers will increase as well. You’ll soon be able to pick and choose which areas of the city you want to stay during your trip, making the trip even more convenient.


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