Tech and Toys Gift Ideas for 2020

Tech and Toys Gift Ideas for 2020

Toys are for fun, while technology is primarily for practical purposes. However, the two are not mutually exclusive. With the proliferation of tech and toys in recent years, this is becoming more apparent.

Some of these toys are nothing short of amazing, especially when compared to the traditional toys from a decade or two ago. If you are a parent today and not sure what to buy for your child (and even yourself!), here’s what you could expect to see at the toy store, both online and at brick-and-mortar shops.

RC Drones

Man has long been fascinated by flight. That is why RC drones took the world by storm when they started gaining popularity over a decade ago. However, the price tag was very prohibitive at first, and only a few could afford buy it.

Fast forward to today, and drones are practically everywhere. As technology developed and manufacturers found ways to make cheaper RC drones, more people were able to enjoy them. You could even give them as gifts without breaking the bank.

RC drones have also become more advanced, with models like the King Gesture mini drone, which can be controlled through hand gestures using a wearable controller. Move your hand left or right, and the drone will move accordingly. It will also fly back to its original position with one press of a button.

RC Cars

RC cars have been around for a long time, but today’s models are much more sophisticated. The King Gesture is one such RC car and becoming one of the more popular tech and toys today. It has finger sensors, which can be used to control the toy and make it perform stunts. You could turn it into an off-road car and back simply by raising or lowering your hand. This RC car could also get into 360⁰ rotations if you want it to.

Ride-On Toys

Kids like mimicking what adults do, and they could have this experience with ride-on toys. With their very own ride-on car or motorbike, kids can have hours of fun riding and cruising around. Some models have adjustable seatbelts, bright headlights, and even music, making the experience as close to the real deal as possible. What is more, these ride-on toys are durable, easy to control manually or with remote control, and perfectly safe. Parents need not worry about their kids as they can be safely monitored while they are riding. Ride-on toys would make for perfect gifts, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Connected Toys

Some tech and toys today can connect to the internet, giving them functionalities that are beneficial to kids and parents alike. For parents, this means that you could control and monitor what the toy does at all times, ensuring the safety of your kids while they are playing. For children, connectivity opens up a world of possibilities for playing and gaming.

Aside from being fun, modern tech toys can also be functional. Some of them are interactive and can create some form of relationship with the child, which can help develop their personality. Others can be plugged into a console and appear on the screen, taking the gaming experience in another direction.

Exposing your kids to tech toys at an early age can help expand their creativity, promote education, and make them more confident in navigating and handling technology as they grow older.


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