Why Tiny Homes Need to Be Concerned With Air Quality

Why Tiny Homes Need to Be Concerned With Air Quality

Many people love living in a tiny home. However, the quality of the indoor air in such a small space needs attention. Cooking, showering, and even breathing contributes moisture to indoor air. These activities affect interior air quality and are multiplied when the living space is so much smaller.

Poor Ventilation

Most tiny homes have been well-constructed, with sealing playing an important part of the build. Such thorough insulation is perfect for wet weather. However, proper ventilation is essential to the well-being of the occupants of the home. Windows and doors are usually used for a free flow of air, but this is not always possible, especially in colder climates. Controlled ventilation is needed to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen in the home.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) regulate the air inside the home and are perfect to install in a cooler climate. HRVs use the heat from the stale air that is being extracted to warm the incoming fresh air.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) operate in much the same manner as an HRV. However, the ERVs can also remove the excess heat from the outside air in hot climates. In this way, the ERV helps to keep the tiny home cool inside. ERVs are good to use for areas with both hot and cold temperatures.

Dust and Other Particles

Particle pollution or particulate matter can be a health hazard if ignored. These tiny particles include dust, soot, pollen, smoke, and liquid droplets. In worst case scenarios the particles may affect your lungs or heart. Symptoms of exposure to particulate matter are asthma, coughing, or respiratory problems.

To compound matters, living in a small space means that everyone is closer to the different sources of air contamination, such as the bathroom, the garbage disposal units, and sources of heat in the kitchen.

Get a good HVAC technician like Herchenbach Mechanical Heating and Cooling to install an air filter to reduce the dust and other particles. Servicing your air filters or other ventilation systems is imperative to keep the air inside your little home as pure as possible.

High Humidity

The moisture in a small home causes the problems of high humidity, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. Condensation in these areas can spread quickly through a small space, often resulting in mildew and mold, which contributes to health issues.

Kitchen fans and bathroom fans are essential for improved ventilation. Cooking grease and moisture needs fast extraction from its source. The same applies to the moisture from the shower. It’s best to get it out as soon as possible, keeping the home dry and ventilated.

Don’t allow your dream of tiny home living to be impaired by poor air quality. Attending to pollutants, humidity and other air quality issues should one of your primary aims in order to fully enjoy your home and protect your investment. When you seek the help of an HVAC professional, things seem simple. Take the necessary precautions to ventilate your space properly for a more healthy environment. Breathe deeply and relax in your tiny home.


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