Tips in Creating an Awesome Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations transcend time and space. They symbolize a couple’s love and commitment to each other. As such, it is essential to exert conscious effort and consideration in crafting a trendy and memorable invitation.

Aside from the sentimental value, a wedding invitation is a practical necessity because it serves as the initial contact between the couple and their chosen guests. Likewise, it gives a glimpse of the overall theme of the wedding and sets the tone of the entire event.

It also provides them enough time to make the necessary preparations, such as schedule reservations and travel arrangements. Furthermore, guests can keep it as a keepsake to remember the wedding.

Important Things to Remember

Before you make the invitation, here are some of the things to remember.

  1. While there are no basic rules to follow, a wedding card should also reflect the couple’s style and personalities. Therefore, you can always opt to align the overall look with your preferences. At the same time, the elements should be consistent with the theme of the wedding.
  2. You can try to be distinct, but be sure that the color scheme, font, layout, and accessories will induce a combined effect and tone.
  3. Allot a budget for the wedding invitation and stick to it. Set your priorities and make sure that the money will suffice with both the production and distribution of the invitations.
  4. It is advisable to use neutral colors on the card then add your own touch through font color and accessories. The card texture also matters as it provides the overall feel of the material. Remember, style choice is crucial, so decide wisely.
  5. The font style of the invitation is a determinant in the final look of the invite. Thus, keep it readable and classy.
  6. Set a schedule for the production. The invites should be sent at least four months before the wedding and should be in the mail at least six weeks before the ceremony. So be sure that designing and printing get finished on time.

DIY Techniques for a Trendy but Budget-Friendly Invitation

Here are some current trends that you can consider when crafting an invite.

  1. Dark and bold palettes are now a popular design trend. You can opt for colors such as plum, navy blue, and even black for a unique feature.
  2. Consider putting a liner in the envelope of the invitation. You can add distinct design elements like sketches, stamps, or the date of the ceremony.
  3. Use calligraphy instead of thermography and engraving in lettering your invitation. It is classy and less expensive. Further, it adds a personal touch to the invite.
  4. If you want to stick to neutral colors, you can print the invitations on watercolor paper. The watercolor wash gives off an artistic and romantic effect.
  5. A ribbon is usually the go-to accessory for printed invites. Some choose decorative papers because they put extra sparkle at a low price.

Wedding invitations continue to be a staple part of any wedding. While everything depends on your preferences, it is still better to consider the latest trends and techniques in creating impressive and memorable wedding invitations.


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