Tips for Having the Best Contact Form for your Website

Tips for Having the Best Contact Form for your Website

When it comes to attracting visitors to a website, design, usability, presentation, and content become key factors in providing a rewarding user experience. To all this are added marketing tactics, ranging from SEO to interactive videos, and that allow businesses to increase the traffic of their Web pages.

With all this, one would think that you have everything you need to see optimal results. However, there is one crucial factor “mighty forms” that must be seriously taken into account when creating and launching a website: The contact form.


The Importance of the Contact Form

The contact page is the place where all those visits that your site may receive, take a step forward to finally become potential customers. It is here where the contact form is located: a vital resource for any Web page.

For this reason, it is imperative that you design this section of your site, with all possible care, since otherwise, you would be losing valuable leads that could result in a greater number of sales.

In order to create a good lead capture strategy, the contact form is one of the most important communication tools with our clients. In fact, it is the one that the majority relies on to contact those responsible for the site’s attention and, therefore, it must be in a place that is easily accessible and understandable. To help you with yours we have decided to create a post full of tips to have the best contact form for your website.

Steps and Points to consider when Creating a Contact Form

The idea is to create a form whose fields are correct to get the user information that we want to obtain and so that they can fill them in easily and without feeling collapsed or that their information is being demanded (and may later be used) abusively. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some simple guidelines that we should always take into account since they are the ones that, in the end, will make the user not back down.

Create a Single Column Form

It should be done this way because in desktop forms we have a lot of horizontal space. In order to facilitate reading it is better to place the fields in vertical order, so that they are read from the top to the bottom and, in passing, they are arranged in a cleaner way.

Intuitively Sort the Fields

The types of data that we want the user to provide must be grouped together and placed in the most logical order possible. You must start with personal data (name, surname, email, telephone, …) and then continue with survey or comment fields. The user feels less surprised and more inclined to write more and better, which is essential for a good understanding.

Distinction of Mandatory and Optional Fields

It is very important to distinguish between these two types of fields. Also, the most recommended is that there are no optional fields, because this would already complicate the form, so our advice, if you want to put them, is that you limit them to a couple.

Make the form Error Messages Visible

While filling out the form, errors may occur, but are not discovered until the submit button is touched. Let’s try to avoid it or, at least, if the errors are generated when launching the request, we correctly define in which field said failure occurs, so go to the field and solve the problem without having to reread the entire form and go crazy looking.

Check the Information Located in the Placeholder

Surely it has happened to you that when you position yourself on a field, certain informative information appears for the content that should be included. In many cases, the placeholder appears when positioned in the field and disappears when you start typing, so that the user is left without that recommendation that we had tried to give him. What can be done is to move this information to another place so that it can remain accessible and, with it, useful.

With the tips to have the best contact form that we have just offered you this will be much more accessible and none of the users will stay in the middle of the road when they dare to contact you. Also remember to make a good graphic design of the space so that at all times apart from being functional, the contact form is pleasant.


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